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Enter Bottlerocket!

Doing Wine Things Differently

When Tom Geniesse embarked on his newest entrepreneurial venture in 2002, writing the business plan for Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit, he vowed to integrate Apple computers into the store. Fiercely loyal to a brand that has grown up alongside him, Tom knew it made sense from many points of view. Operationally, he believed the Apple environment most closely matched his requirements for running the business: intuitive, integrated and intelligent. Tom spent considerable hours researching how retail companies have incorporated Macs into their businesses. This research led him to Paygo, the best choice for a Mac POS.

What made you decide to go with PayGo for your Point of Sale system?

Tom ultimately decided to go with Paygo because it provided the Bottlerocket wine store with a customized environment that perfectly supports the store’s goals. When a customer buys a wine, for example, detailed tasting notes accompany each purchase. These notes originate from the PayGo software, drawing from rich data about the 365 wines in the store. PayGo is one of the few wine store POS systems in the marketplace that will work with small businesses to help them customize the system to their needs.

What do you like about the PayGo system and how has it helped your business?

PayGo’s ability to customize the system to our individual needs has been the strongest selling point.  It has helped us provide world class customer service. Designed with Bottlerocket’s specific needs in mind, PayGo enables Bottlerocket employees to use our Mac POS to easily access customer records, purchasing history and information about all the wines using any of the several iMacs throughout the store. For special tasting events or private parties, employees can design and produce customized printouts about the wines.

What is your favorite feature of PayGo and why?

PayGo has helped us maintain our competitive advantage in a very crowded marketplace by providing us with the ability to personalize each customer’s buying experience. This is possible thanks to several features in PayGo that work together to provide a seamless experience.  Easy access to customer records, purchasing history and information about all the wines helps our sales force to provide customers with the information they need to shop with confidence.

Would you recommend PayGo to other businesses similar to yours?

We would recommend PayGo to other small and medium size businesses that need something more from their POS system.  The staff at PayGo understands the demands small businesses face.  PayGo is continually upgrading to incorporate customer requests so that its systems can accommodate new developments in various retail environments.

In Summary

Is that store cool or what? If you are around New York, you HAVE to go there. Its coolness will rub off on you. If you’re opening your own retail business or you have one that needs a fresh approach, how about giving us a call at 866-287-5576?

Visit Bottlerocket’s website:

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