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Enjoy the Little Things with PayGo Customization

They say life is all about the little things. The first cup of coffee in the morning. A sunrise on a misty field. Watching the car that just passed you going 90 on the highway getting pulled over. You know, the stuff that makes you happy to be alive.


There are so many advantages to running your own business, but there is one disadvantage: it does take up a lot of time that could be spent enjoying those little things. Things like the blessed silence that comes after “losing” that sound effect keychain your aunt bought your kids.

Luckily, we’re here to help!

PayGo offers customization for your already-great software, so you can build a point-of-sale solution that works for you. That means no more working around software quirks, no more additional organizational systems, and most importantly, no more wasted time for you. Time you could be spending on enjoying the very first donut in the breakroom before Kyle comes in and steals them all (we know it’s you, Kyle).

Working with PayGo, we can help you automate all of those little tasks that take up so much time that could be better spent doing things you love, like those first fifteen seconds of sitting down in your quiet, empty car after a long day before starting up and driving away to something much more fun than working late.

Does your store have a lot of repeating purchase orders? PayGo could help you create an automated purchase order generation, or possibly an autofill option for your favorite vendors. Do you sell a lot of repeating orders to your client? Talk to us, we can help you set up automated ordering that will fit your retail needs.

Does payroll take up a lot of your time? Just tell PayGo what you need and we’ll help you design a simple, intuitive, load-bearing payroll add-on to your PayGo software. Do you need to store and collect more information from your employees than you software can currently record? We can help you with that too!

Are you clicking around to different reports in different areas of your software all day long? Let us know! We can work with you to create a reports database, all in one place, with all the data you need.

Do you have dozens and dozens of binders filled with scheduling, mailing lists, contact information and so on? PayGo can help you ditch those binders and integrate those records with your PayGo software!

How can PayGo help you? Let us know!

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