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Do You Need to Get Away From it All? PayGo Can Help!

If you’re like us, you’re ready for a vacation. Someplace beachy, maybe. Or up in the mountains. We hear the Mediterranean is quite lovely this time of year, or whenever we’re free to move about the planet again. It’s the Mediterranean. It’s always gonna be nice.

So while we’re waiting, it’s time to start planning!

The problem with running a business, though, is that it’s next to impossible to get away from work for more than fifteen seconds at a time without having to rush in and avert and/or mitigate a calamity. I know this because I’ve run the tests, using nothing more than the server room and several angry ferrets.

There’s shipments to order, employees to corral, customers to placate, police reports to be filed…. It can make it difficult for any responsible storerunner to have a nice, stress-free vacation. That’s where we come in!

PayGo customization offers bespoke software solutions tailored to all of your vacationing, staycationing, and extended lunch break needs. PayGo can help you design exactly what you need to keep your employees out of your hair (and vice versa) while you’re away. Just tell us what you need your software to do to take some pressure off of you, and we’ll make it happen. Whether it’s automated report emails, a more detailed scheduling calendar, or built-in employee reminders and messaging, we can help.

Imagine it! No more hovering. No more spotty updates. No vacuums of power that will lead to bloodthirsty employee power struggles with packaging supplies and salad tongs as weapons in an improvised Thunderdome in the walk-in, which happens just as often as you’d think.

So plan ahead! Get ready for those ten-dollar vacation packages, six-for-one luxury tours and cruise ships that pay you to get onboard. PayGo has you covered back home.

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