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Customization Inspiration: Charitable Causes, PayGo Style

We all know that PayGo is a functional, detailed and versatile point-of-sale software solution. But did you know it can get even better?? It can, with PayGo customization!

PayGo customization is the guacamole to your point-of-sale burrito.

Did I just shamelessly invoke nature’s perfect food to describe software customization capability? You bet I did. Because just like a perfectly guacamole-ed burrito, customization adds something extra-special to an already-wonderful thing. But since software customization isn’t quite as simple as burritos, it can be difficult to just think up something you didn’t even realize you need yet. Which is why we’re here to help! Read on for more shameless invocation of objectively wonderful things in this week’s Customization Inspiration!

Note: Keep in mind, these are just ideas that have yet to be created. They’re like breadcrumbs, leading you through the confusing technological forest to your own perfect solution for custom point-of-sale software.

Customization Inspiration Episode 2: Charitable Causes, Extra Adorable

You’re the owner of a well-established pet supply store, and business is good! People love their pets, and they love to spend money making them happy. And one thing you’ve seen over and over in your years in the business is, pet people really love helping out all animals, not just their own. Which is good, because your local shelter could use some help.

If you thought the burritos were shameless, be warned that there are kittens coming up. 

Oh yes, we went there. Zero shame.

It’s springtime, so it’s kitten season, which as we all know is the most marketable of seasons right behind Christmas and comic book movie premieres. The shelters have a high amount of fosters coming in, and they need all kinds of donations: supplies, medical costs, foster homes, and adorable costumes. It’s a true emergency. And you and your customers all agree: it’s time to help in any way possible.

So let’s save some kittens!

(and market it just like that. Really tug those heartstrings! This is pure internet fuel you’re saving here, there’s no time to be coy.)

You decide to start out with something simple. You and PayGo work together to come up with automated pop-up prompts on your customer display screens for cash donations with each purchase, as well as selling donation kits set up with your inventory and an automatic percentage taken off for the shelter.

The donations go well, but the shelter could still use more help. You and PayGo decide to set up a raffle. For each donation, your customers automatically get a raffle ticket printed out with their receipt that they can use for their choice of drawings for all kinds of prizes from big to small, donated by yourself as well as some of the other pro-kitten businesses and organizations in town (it’s a shrewd business strategy). The entrants and prizes are all saved in your PayGo software, which you have set up to randomly pick winners and notify them via automated emails.

People love the raffles, and you’ve picked up some big names that want to donate to your furry cause. This charitable endeavor you set up has done a lot for all of the local businesses in your town, not just your own. You decide to come together and coordinate something really special:

It’s time for a fundraising fair!! (I hope you pictured that with confetti, because that is absolutely how I wrote it.)

You and your fellow businesses sell tickets, organize events and collect donations and it’s all tracked in a custom-built PayGo solution that blends seamlessly and intuitively with your existing software. You have food trucks and silent auctions and adoption events, and every dollar in or out is tracked via a network of devices that connect to your PayGo software. It’s a night of dancing, fun and profit. Kittens are flying off the shelves (which seems like something they’d enjoy). The local shelter is empty, all kittens have a home and you’ve formed relationships with your fellow business owners and customers that will benefit you all for years, all with PayGo customization.

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