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Customization Inspiration: Café Your Way with PayGo Custom Software Solutions

Even straight out of the box, your PayGo software is pretty darn amazing. It can keep track of your products at multiple locations, keep all of your customer accounts straight, and let’s admit it, the color scheme is great. You can’t go wrong with orange and blue.

Just look at that handsome fella.

But what if you could use something a little more… you-centric in your software? Something a bit more personalized? Something custom??

You’re in luck, because PayGo can do that too!

PayGo customization can give you that extra-specialized point-of-sale software solution that takes something your store already does, and blends it into your already-great, already-in-use software. No extra steps, no binders full of paperwork, no confusion. Just custom perfection! Do you want to take your store into the future, but don’t know how yet? Just ask us! We can take your ideas and work with you to create the perfect future-friendly addition to your software!

However, we know that the idea of everything and anything is a bit of an open-ended idea. What exactly could “custom” mean for you? Well, we have some ideas! Read on for some custom software inspiration…

Note: These are just examples to give you an idea of what PayGo customization can do for you and your business needs, and not current features! These are purely inspirational examples, like the retail software dream boards we all made and posted on our bedroom walls as teens. 

Customization Inspiration Episode 1: Custom Café, Supernatural Edition (aka The One With the Ghosts)

You’ve been running a very successful little café for a few years now. You serve up quality menu items at great prices, you employ some of the best cooks and servers in the city, and your customers love you for it. Business is booming. And the news keeps getting better: it’s time to expand!

After some consideration, you’ve picked a charming historical building in an up-and-coming neighborhood for your new location. It’s got all of the classic old-building quirks people love, like salvaged wooden floors, big old factory doors, and ghosts. Yup, it turns out your new building is haunted.

…Either that, or it’s just an old building with clanking pipes and spotty wiring and creaky floors and Dylan hiding in the walk-in to scare the kitchen staff. Everyone knows ghost stories are far more exciting than electrical issues (and much more affordable). But nah, it’s totally probably ghosts. Maybe.

But people talk, and whether you do believe in spooks or not, the word has already gotten out. Your brand new location and financial gamble is now The Place With the Ghosts, and your staff and clientele are getting jumpy. This has become situation in need of a solution.

Now, you have a few options as to how to proceed with your new supernatural squatters. You could always just pack up and leave the building to the maybe-ghosts; after all, they had it first, and who are you to meddle in the affairs of the unknown?

But that’s not you! Momma didn’t raise no quitter, and every creepy creak or moving shadow or unsettling childlike laughter from the basement is just an opportunity in disguise. You’ve made your decision, and that decision is:


As it turns out, when marketed properly, people actually enjoy a little supernatural local color with their food. There’s a whole angle here that could be used to your advantage. Besides, in your company everyone pulls their weight, even if they’ve passed beyond the veil.

First things first: it’s time for some positive exposure. Your building has a story to tell, and you want to make that story accessible to your diners. You’ve already been thinking about going high-tech with your menu, and this might be a way to combine history and technology. You and PayGo have come up with a great idea: Create tablet-based interactive menus for each booth that incorporates some historical trivia or other interesting information about the building to peruse while waiting for orders. Now your client base is engaged with the history of the building as well as with your award-winning food.

Fast forward a year or so: the menus are a hit! Everyone loves learning about the place, and you’ve even gotten some customer stories about your ghosts! Whether they exist or not, they’ve been a huge boost to your business. But now you want to take it a step further: It’s time to take your humble haunted café into the publishing world. Working with our PayGo techs, you’ve decided to get your customers in on this action. You’ve created an app that will allow your customers to submit their ghost stories right from your menu tablets! The winners will get a prize, the book will be sold in your stores and all entrants will get a coupon for any of your locations automatically sent to their email addresses, which can also be added to your marketing lists.

Now your brand and your business has grown become bigger than your food or locations could have ever been on their own, thanks to PayGo customization and a few friendly ghosts.

Are you inspired? Let us know!

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