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PayGo Has Craft Retailer’s Stamp of Approval

Lee Kellogg is a natural teacher with a wealth of information gained from both experience and research.  In her store, Guadalupe’s Fun Rubber Stamps, she leads workshops on crafting with stamps and more. On her StampaFe YouTube Channel, she offers ideas on incorporating creativity into life and crafting how-to’s. For several years she has led workshops on how important it is for craft and hobby stores to have point of sale software at events like the Creativation Conference and Trade Show  put on by the Association for Creative Industries.  At 2017’s Creativation she taught “Quick Training Videos for Your Store” and “Introduction to Point of Sale Systems.”

In the video below, Lee Kellogg provides tips on handling inventory for the Craft and Hobby Association (now the Association for Creative Industries).

In addition to her store, she and Stephen Wust have been creating handmade rubber stamps in their Santa Fe, New Mexico studio since 2006 and selling them wholesale through their company, StampaFe Art Stamps. Their stamps are available at several independent retail locations throughout the United States, in Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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At Guadalupe’s Fun Rubber Stamps, Kellogg offers workshops on art journaling, mini books, tag art, card making, collage, and she sells a diverse selection of rubber stamps (including StampaFe’s, of course) and related crafting materials.


“63% of craft stores do not use point of sale systems,” Kellogg shared in a recent interview, citing a craft industry survey.  She believes that craft and hobby stores can benefit by having quality point of sale software. “No point of sale is 100% perfect for everybody. For crafting stores PayGo’s phenomenal, because it has all of the modules you need, it’s comprehensive, and it’s easy to use.”

How has Lee Kellogg been putting PayGo to work for her?

  • She has a 14 year history of her customers and what they’ve bought easily accessible in her PayGo software.
  • “I know, thanks to PayGo, that 80% of my customer base comes from 100 miles away.”
  • She can see who her top 100 customers are.  “We sent a thank you note with a $10 gift certificate out to them.”
  • “I operate on the theory that you should be turning over your inventory every 90 days. Sometimes during the summertime, every couple weeks I’m creating a P.O. every other week. I love your P.O. system.”

Do you own a craft, fabric, or quilt store? If you do, PayGo’s point of sale software can make running your store easy, so you can spend more time focusing on your customers and creating with them and less time on the daily to-do’s that can bog you down. Learn more about all of PayGo’s tools by clicking here.

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