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Have a question about PayGo’s point of sale software products? Whether you are opening up your first store or looking to change your point of sale system, a member of our PayGo Sales Team looks forward to assisting you. Are you currently a PayGo customer? If you need to tell us how awesome we are or need some assistance, a member of our PayGo Support Team looks forward to assisting you (or hearing about how awesome they are).

To reach a member of our Sales Team:

Email us at consultant at


Need Technical Support?

Click here to submit a request for support.

This is the best way to receive assistance in a timely manner from a member of our support team. When you submit a request to our support team, it’s kind of like entering the emergency room of a hospital. Requests are prioritized by severity and then in order of arrival time. If someone’s system went down while they have a line up of customers in need of help, their ticket will move in front of the less urgent request for assistance.

Have you forgotten your login credentials for submitting a support request? You can retrieve them here.

Email our support team at If you are requesting support, please submit a ticket instead. Submitting a ticket does improve response time.