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Have a question about PayGo’s point of sale software products? Whether you are opening up your first store or looking to change your point of sale system, a member of our PayGo Sales Team looks forward to assisting you. Are you currently a PayGo customer? If you need to tell us how awesome we are or need some assistance, a member of our PayGo Support Team looks forward to assisting you (or hearing about how awesome they are).

To reach a member of our Sales Team:

Click on “Need Help” to have your product and pricing questions answered via LiveChat.

Or, you can email us at consultant at

Would you like to see how PayGo’s POS software works? You can download a demo at no cost or obligation.

Need Technical Support?

Click here to submit a request for support.

This is the best way to receive assistance in a timely manner from a member of our support team. When you submit a request to our support team, it’s kind of like entering the emergency room of a hospital. Requests are prioritized by severity and then in order of arrival time. If someone’s system went down while they have a line up of customers in need of help, their ticket will move in front of the less urgent request for assistance.

Have you forgotten your login credentials for submitting a support request? You can retrieve them here.

Email our support team at If you are requesting support, please submit a ticket instead. Submitting a ticket does improve response time.