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Back to Class: Drive up Your Online Traffic With These Advertising Tips

Who doesn’t love this time of year? It’s a time for change, improvement, and pumpkin spice. In this spirit, PayGo would like to introduce our Back to Class series. In it, we will focus on changing and improving your shop to ramp up for the holiday season. Pumpkin spice is optional (yet so recommended).

Let’s say you just brought your shop online. Yay! But unfortunately for you, (yup) isn’t seeing a whole lot of action. Maybe people don’t know about your site, maybe you haven’t found your market yet, or maybe the online affordable living pincushion scene is more difficult to break into than you thought.

It’s an extremely competitive market.

It’s a lovely dream to have your shop advertised singularly by the heaping praises of your happy customers, but unless you sell mythical creatures and literal magic, that’s probably not gonna happen. This means, you’re going to have to advertise to get people to your URL. So, how do you properly advertise to drive up traffic on your site?

Make Sure Your SEO is Top-Notch

Right now at this very second, there is someone out there who desperately wants what you’re sellin’. They’ve never heard of you, your store, or maybe even your town, yet you’re the one place that has what they want to find. So how do they find you? By you working your  SEO skills.

Get Social

Social media is where we get movie recommendations, travel planning advice, and the occasional melodramatic meltdown so why wouldn’t people be looking there for shopping, too? Social media is one of the best ways to advertise your shop, and arguably one of the easiest. Something as simple as setting up a Facebook or Instagram page for your business or tweeting about all of your great new products and promotions can increase your visibility all over the internet. You can get your customers in on it, too! Sending out links to your best customers for reviewer sites like Yelp can show unsure customers that you’re established as a solid business.

Freebies and deals

Free stuff! Just the idea of it makes people buy more. I have a vast collection of branded keychains, bumper stickers and so on from places I’ve shopped at online, and even though it means that my car is the tackiest one on the block, I continue to shop at those places because I just like getting free stuff (well, and I like their products, but… yeah, free stuff). If tossing in a store-branded sticker or two into each shipment isn’t in the budget, you can still give another kind of freebie: discounts! Percentages off of next sales, BOGO deals, or free shipping for customers are great perks that keep people coming back to your store. They also keep your store favorable in your customer’s minds. You could even count this as guerrilla marketing, which is like traditional marketing’s cool, edgy sister and is also a great (and cheap) way to advertise in general. You don’t even have to limit it to online stores; your brick-and-mortar shoppers might like some incentive to shop online when they can’t get to your store as well.

Blog it Out

We all know you could talk about your store at length, but that doesn’t always work into regular conversation. But don’t hold yourself back from chatting it up, shop-wise. Start a blog! Here’s a place where you can put your SEO skills to work while still talking about all the great new products, discounts, and sales you have going on both online and in-store. The key to blogging isn’t just in the content, though. It’s important to blog consistently (at least one post a week) and to be sure you’re sharing your content all over the web on things like social media. You don’t even have to write all the time. Creating content such as tutorial videos for the stuff you sell is a great way to increase visibility online.

But what if you don’t want to blog consistently? Track down some bloggers that promote the kind of things that you sell and see if you can’t make a deal. Professional bloggers have a built-in audience that might be beyond your current reach. If you can set up a deal with a blogger or two with some free product, advertising space, or discount codes for their viewers, you could see your online traffic surge. You can also look into hiring some guest bloggers to do your writing for you!

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