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Are your customers confident that their payment information is secure with you?

Stressed out retailer

Payment Processing Peace of Mind

If making the switch to an EMV (chip cards) hasn’t been a priority — you may want to move it up on your to do list. Data breaches are in the news at a constant clip. Keep bad press away and customers feeling confident about doing business with you by becoming EMV (chip card) compliant.

“Small businesses are low-hanging fruit for hackers,” said Candid Wueest, a threat researcher at the security-response firm Symantec in a recent Consumer Reports article (The Data Breach Next Door). That same article pointed out that, “A local retailer may hold the same kind of valuable consumer data as a Fortune 500 company—and face the same hackers armed with the same software tools.”

It happened to me

My card was hacked at a coffee shop a few weeks back. They do not have chip card readers. Whenever I bought my coffee there, I’d hand my card over to the cashier and they would slide it. Now, I go to a cafe that is chip card compliant.

I love the coffee a little less, but only a little. For me, it’s a small price to pay to prevent the hassle of having to get a new card and the risk of more negative consequences.

A note on my coffee habit

Coffee Cup

Every morning, I wake up by 6 a.m. pick up coffee for myself and my husband. Sometimes we go together. Each morning, we part with $8.20. At least once per week, I meet up with a friend in the afternoon to drink coffee, have a snack, and write. I spend about $5. Some mornings, it seems more cost-effective to get breakfast at the coffee shop than to make it at home, so I do.

Spend time making my own egg whites, or respond to customers and make sales? You have days like that too, right? Or, am I the lone marketing and sales manager in the world with a time crunched schedule? Ha! As if.

The point. A conservative estimate of what I spend at a coffee shop that I am loyal to is $72.40 per week, which is at least $289.60 per month, and $3,764.80 per year. That’s more than 6% of the average American household income.

Maybe the coffee shop that I had been loyal to could do without my money. After all, if they valued my business, wouldn’t they have striven to protect my data by at least becoming EMV (chip card) compliant?

Consider 10 of me making the same choice, or 100. What could that do to a store’s profit?

How I found out about the breach:

A few weeks back, I received an email alert that the balance on the debit card I use for weekly expenses like my daily skinny white mocha no whip extra shot of espresso had hit zero. It had been at around $300 the day before. When I looked at my account it was negative a couple hundred. WTH!

When I looked at my transactions, I saw a $399 charge on a website that I’d never heard of before. I visited their website and saw smartphones for sale among other electronics that I have zero interest in. So, I called my bank.

“Have you been shopping online recently?”
“Yes, but not to Florida where it looks like the company is at.”

Since the attempted charge put my account balance in the negative, the charge had been reversed before I called the bank. After I reported the fraudulent charge, the bank representative I spoke with cancelled my card and mailed a replacement.

Later that day, I received an email from the coffee shop notifying me of the data breach that compromised my card information.

I was without my debit card for about a week. Not convenient. It could have been (and could still be) far worse.

PayGo New Look

Protect yourself and your customers

Reduce the opportunity for hackers to take your customers’ credit and debit card information by getting EMV and PCI compliant with a little help from PayGo.

Whether you use our point of sale software, or you have a FileMaker solution in need of EMV and PCI compliant payment processing, PayGo’s integration with the Paygistix Gateway can help you. We help an assortment of businesses accept a full range of secure payment types.

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