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Announcing MailChimp Integration, Automation & More

MailchimpAuto-manage Your Marketing Right In PayGo

PayGo - Malchimp
MC helps you manage your MailChimp List while doing biz in PayGo. Ring a sale, and your customer is in MailChimp. Click here to learn more.

PayGo - Email
Ditch paper receipts and use sparkling HTML email. It’s beautiful, fast and hassle free. And speaking of free, it’s FREE*. Click here to learn more.

PayGo - Marketing
And before we go, wouldn’t it be great to have a reliable assistant around to make sure they are staying in touch with your customers on a regular basis? Working hard to make sure your shoppers keep coming back? We have that assistant for you! Waiting and ready to make your life a cinch.  Click here to learn more.