The Moore, The Better.

Moore Brothers Wine Company

Moore Brothers is essentially a direct import wine store, though they don’t hold an import license. They hold a long-term relationship with some of the best growers in Europe and they only carry wines from THOSE growers. What really makes these guys unique is that it’s the only place in the world you can buy fresh wine that is temperature controlled and stored from the winery to the store. David Moore says, “Due to this process, the wine tastes in the store the same as it does at the winery.”

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What made Moore Brothers decide to go with PayGo?

David had been following it for years and finally jumped on it when it reached the open source (unlocked) stage.

“Largely, it’s the customization aspect that makes it so appealing,” said David.

In fact he said that it was the customizability that played a large role in why it outdid other POS systems that he has used.

Their favorite feature of PayGo and why?

The fact that he can customize the software to better suit his business rather than needing add-ons has been one of the key ways it has helped the business.

“It’s basically just push a button to make it work. It has helped us survive the economic strain these last two years and forced me to get better at what I do… it has allowed me to build in efficiencies that were not possible ever before. We have been able to get by with 3 fewer people on any given day, which is particularly helpful over the holidays.”

In Summary

PayGo has played a large role in improving the success of this impressive wine company. How can it help you with your retail needs?

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