PayGoCart now connects your PayGo Point of Sale software to:


PayGo + WooCommerce = Easy E-Commerce

Reach your customers where they are, whenever they want what you have in store with ease using PayGoCart with WooCommerce. Double your customers’ shopping options without doubling your workload by connecting your point of sale with WooCommerce. Whether customers shop in your brick and mortar store or online, you’ll be able to provide them with a wonderful shopping experience. You can do it all from the point of sale solution you use all day long.
PayGoCart with WooCommerce is that super solution you need. It allows you to integrate inventory, departments (categories), vendors, customers, and orders. No double entry! You control your cart from one spot! 

Why did we choose to offer an integration with WooCommerce?
  • It’s simple, flexible, and customizable. We’re big believers in having the ability to tweak solutions to meet the unique needs independent retailers have.
  • It’s used by over 30% of all online stores.
  • It integrates with WordPress, the most popular platform for creating websites.

Take a look at how you can put PayGoCart with WooCommerce to Work For You: Click on the images to get a closer look.

PayGo Cart Product Screen

Enter information into your PayGo Product Screen. With the click of a button you can have it for sale on your website too.

PayGoCart Product List

View your product list in PayGo. Manage what’s on your site with ease using the PayGoCart Product List.

PayGo Cart

Your customer’s shopping cart on WooCommerce.

PayGo Order

You can view your customer’s order in PayGo’s Order Fill screen.

You are able to see notes about the order from your customer.

You can also send notes to your customer about their order.


When you send a note to your customer from PayGo, your customer will receive an email update.

Have WooCommerce? Connect it with your PayGo.
Need WooCommerce? We can help you with that.
Contact our team at, 866-545-7047 ext. 1, or via LiveChat to get started.

PayGoCart Basics

PayGoCart with WooCommerce: Access to the module within PayGo that allows PayGo users to manage products, images, coupons, orders and customers on their WooCommerce website from within PayGo. Regular Price: $625, PayGo Blue Member Price: $499, one-time fee.

WooCommerce Install and Site Setup:  We will get your web store set up for you. We will set up your WooCommerce website on our partner servers. We will install and configure your domain*, SSL certificate** and WooCommerce Storefront. This service includes installation and setup of WooCommerce Storefront and if desired, one child theme found here. The service also includes installation of up to 3 WooCommerce extensions. Regular Price: $1,250, PayGo Blue Member Price: $999 one-time fee.(WooCommerce child themes and extensions also billed separately.)

PayGoCart+WooCommerce Hosting and Ongoing Support: We will handle the hosting of your site (Up to 10GB of storage and 10,000 visitors per month), answer any questions you have about your WooCommerce site, and solve problems that come up with your WooCommerce site. Regular Price: $75 / month, PayGo Blue Member Price: $59 / month.

If you’ll be hosting your site elsewhere and need PayGo to handle your SSL and static IP, those will be billed separately.

Design and Customization: Don’t like the themes provided? Need a logo? Need some fancy graphic to get your point across? Do you want to make your cart look your way? We can provide cart customization and design at a great price. Regular Price: $75 / hour, PayGo Blue Member Price: $60 / hour. 4-hour minimum block required.

Want to know more about becoming a PayGoBlue Member? Click here.

Add Ons: Payment Gateway: $99

  • This AIM integration supports all merchant account regions.
  • An SSL certificate is required to ensure your customer credit card details are safe.
  • AIM does not store credit card data for future transactions.

USPS Shipping Method: $99
Get shipping rates from the USPS API which handles both domestic and international parcels.

UPS Shipping Method: $99
Get shipping rates from the UPS API which handles both domestic and international parcels.

FedEx Shipping Method: $99
Get shipping rates from the FedEx API which handles both domestic and international parcels.
Information & Requirements:

  • SOAP installed on Server
  • US or Canadian Dollars currency only
  • US or Canada as the shop base country

Have more questions? Need a quote? You can request one by emailing, via LiveChat, or by giving one of our Sales Consultants a call at 866-545-7047 ext. 1.