PayGo Loves Pets (And their Supply Shops, Too)!

According to a highly scientific study that I made up yesterday that involved myself, my dog and over $100 of my hard-earned money spent on various treats and toys (only one of which he actually enjoys), 536% of people with pets will do anything to make them happy. It’s worth it to see my pup’s fuzzy, happy little face as he stuffs it full of high-quality organic beef marrow while perched on his special pillow, surrounded by a field of brightly-colored stuffed animals, squeaky toys and various treat-dispensing rubber things.

What I’m trying to say is, we pet people make it a hobby to spoil our little buddies.


“No kidding.”

I’m not ashamed to admit that I play favorites with my pet supply stores. I know that the shop halfway across town is staffed by people who recognize me and know my dog’s name. They know what classes he might like and what food and treats he eats (although to be fair, it’s not hard to remember that my dog likes pretty much anything that tastes like something he might get in trouble for eating).


“No regrets.”

It’s such a pleasant shopping experience that I’ll go out of my way to go there, instead of the big-box stores that are just a few blocks from my house.

The thing is, I know that it’s not some kind of pet supply shop voodoo that allows them to remember all of that information about me and my dog. (…or is it??) It’s just good record-keeping and marketing.


And possibly also sacrificing a squeaky toy under the full moon while burning catnip and cedar hamster bedding.

Luckily, PayGo has you covered for all of your pet person tracking and marketing needs (bonfire not included). PayGo’s data capturing functions with Customer Entry make it easy to keep track of pets and their humans, from what food they like to who their best friends are, to what parties they may have crashed, and you can set up customer loyalty programs for those of us who have to come back and buy new squeaky, smelly, tasty, and light-uppy things on an almost weekly basis. You can also set up bundles and kits to sell themed toys of the month bundles, training tools, or food and treats in bulk for those of us who have pets that seemingly moonlight as competitive eaters.


Fun fact: most of the incidents described in the Comments section of the Marketing tab occurred on the same day. Luckily, the bridesmaids loved him. The police, however, were less thrilled.

Want to show off your chops as a pet trainer? PayGo’s Calendar can schedule and keep track of all of your classes and events for you, whether you want to hold a new puppy class or underwater competitive dodgeball for cats (just because you haven’t tried it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work).


“Try it. I dare you.”

Have more questions about the powerful functionality of PayGo for your pet supply store? Then wander over to our Pet Store POS page!

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