Automate to Make You Great

Marketing can be an enormous hassle. You have to constantly produce fresh content, stay relevant to trends, and never feed it after midnight (I may be thinking of something else). Most importantly, marketing takes time and energy that sometimes you just don’t have.

Lucky for you, PayGo recently rolled the automated marvel that is PayGo MK!

PayGo MK is a service designed to help you make sure your customers can never escape your laser-like marketing focus. And the best part is, it requires minimal effort from you!

(Unfortunately, management didn’t approve our proposal for literal marketing lasers.)

PayGo MK works like this:

-First, you tell us what kind of content you’d like to send out to your client base. It can be fun facts about your business, maintenance reminders about your products, or anything else your heart desires.

-Then, PayGo creates a marketing campaign based on your requests and specifications.

-Finally, we take your customer email list (added on PayGo’s Customer Screen) and schedule regular marketing campaign emails.

Easy, right? Of course it is! But if you need some convincing, here are a couple of examples of PayGo users who have already signed up for PayGo MK!

Case Study #1: Happy Sleeper Furniture Stores, Waite Park, MN

Happy Sleeper wants to make sure their customers perform routine maintenance on their mattresses to keep them in good shape, so they’ve chosen to create this email campaign:

That’s a pretty simple thing to say, but manually mailing it out to every customer who has gotten a mattress from their store is an exhausting task. That’s why Happy Sleeper chose PayGo MK services to create an automated email reminder based on their content specifications, complete with social media and website links, to go out to all of their mattress customers. Now customers remember when to flip their mattress and Happy Sleeper’s reputation and marketing presence has been improved, and all without any extra time for the owners!

Case Study #2: Blue Star Tattoos, Concord, CA

Blue Star Tattoos wanted to make sure their clients were thanked for their patronage, all while making sure their customers knew how to properly care for their tattoos and piercings. So they chose to create a multi-part email campaign to follow up with each of their clients. Here is part one:

That email goes out to each customer after they’ve completed their appointments. It has a nice thank-you, as well as links to their certifications and social media pages, and their artists don’t have to remember or take time out of their schedules to send that profile-raising email to their clients.

They’re not finished there, though. Blue Star Tattoos has chosen to send out another email to their customers, this time with a coupon:

In an industry dealing with body modification, it’s vitally important to make sure their customers are performing the correct aftercare for their tattoos or piercings. Blue Star Tattoos is making sure their customers know the facts about their aftercare, and they sweetened the deal with a 20% off coupon for their jewelry selections!

The final step of Blue Star Tattoo’s email campaign is to automate a 10% off coupon to go out to all of their customers. This is a great way to get clients thinking about your business again, as well as persuade any undecided clients to repeat their business with you. And of course, all of these emails were sent out automatically and with no extra effort on the business owner’s part.

Do you think PayGo MK is the right fit for you? Contact us and we’ll get you started on the easiest marketing campaign of your life!

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