Last Chance! is turning off their integration method! And no, we’re not crying wolf.

We received word that is officially turning off their integration method that we use to connect with them on May 31st. You should have received an email from them stating this as well. Once deactivates this integration method, you will not be able to process credit cards unless you are using our go-forward gateway solution, Paygistix.

This is not the first time they’ve announced that the integration will turn off. They have said this twice in the past year and extended the deadline in both cases. Given that this is the 3rd time we’ve relayed the announcement regarding, it’s understandable that some may believe the deadline will be extended again. We had the same skepticism, so we called directly for more information. They told us the deadline for deactivating the gateway (May 31st, 2017) is firm and will not be moved back this time. They have removed this integration from their developer testing sites, which is usually the precursor to removing the integration method completely.

Get signed up with Paygistix now to avoid an interruption of service.

As we’ve announced in the past, we made the decision to use the Paygistix gateway as our go-forward solution, because it provides our clients the ability to process EMV transactions, adds significant data security protections to your business, has signature capture devices, etc.

If you are a merchant using for your retail PayGo processing, please contact Payment Logistics ASAP to get setup with their Paygistix Gateway. There’s no additional charge for the gateway (saving hundreds per year) and you’ll be eligible for PayGo Blue Membership (saving you even more per year). You can reach Payment Logistics at 888.572.9564 x1423 or
Please note, we have absolutely no control over this change – it is coming 100% from and we are just relaying the information to you, so that you can avoid interruptions of service.

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