You’ve run an Inventory On Hand report and your value on hand is too high. What causes this?

Sometimes, a user will accidentally adjust the on-hand count of an inventory item by scanning the Item ID into the quantity field while doing an adjustment. When this happens, your inventory value can be skewed because the bad quantity is over-inflating your inventory value.

To find and correct items that might be way off, do the following:

– From the Menu Screen, click on Find Inventory
– Click on Advanced Find (unless you’re already on Advanced Find)
– Find the Quantity On Hand field. Enter this: >100 (Note, if you have inventory that often has over 100 on hand, use a number that you know is unrealistic to have onhand)
– Click Find

You should have a short list of items. Look for the one that has an onhand count that is out of line.

You can then go in and view the Adjustments via the List Adjustments button.

You’ll likely find an adjustment that looks at of place.

Use PayGo’s Adjustment feature to bring the item back to the actual on hand amount. Before making any adjustment, make sure you click on the Maintenance button. This feature will recalculate all transactions that have occurred on the item and will ensure your calculations are correct.

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