Layout Options for Workstation Screens

PayGo knows that every business operates differently. Some businesses need a clean, simple workstation screen while others may need something with more detail. Which is why your PayGo software comes equipped with several different workstation screen options, so you can choose which one is right for you.

To switch screen types, simply go to Workstation Setup on your Admin & Settings screen, which can be accessed through your Menu button. In the Workstation tab, select from the drop-down box under Workstation Type. When you have chosen your preferred screen, click the Close button and your workstation change will be applied automatically.

Retail One-Shot Sales Screen PayGo POSRetail – OneShot

This screen is an excellent multi-functional choice. It allows you to create, search and select customer accounts for sales, create an invoice, and accept payments all in one screen.


Retail Basic Sales Screen PayGo POS

Retail – Basic

This screen is an expanded version of the OneShot screen. In this screen, there is a much larger area for invoice items, as well as an area to add notes and other details that OneShot doesn’t offer. The Payment details for this screen can be accessed by clicking the Pay Screen button at the top of the screen.


Retail – Combo

This screen is a combination of the OneShot and Café screens. On the left, the display is set up for choosing menu items, and on the right, there is a setup similar to the OneShot screen, complete with payment buttons and an invoice area.


Retail Cafe Sales Touch Screen PayGo POSCafé

This screen is set up in a way to be most convenient for restaurants and cafés. It’s set up to easily select menu items from each department, as well as an area for any extras or subtractions a customer might want with their meal. The Pay screen can be accessed by clicking the Pay button at the top of the screen.


Retail Back Office Sales : Invoice Screen PayGo POSBack Office

This screen is geared more towards online and mail order fulfillment. It’s heavier on detail and data entry boxes than the other screens, as it includes shipping and billing information, notes on the order, and information on your profit margin.



Restaurant Touch

This screen is perfect for sit-down restaurants and cafés. It features a customizeable restaurant table layout so you can track which order goes where, and it also includes helpful tools for separating kitchen and bar orders and splitting checks, all alongside the PayGo functionality you know and love!


OpenSorta™ allows you to integrate other systems, processes or features in the PayGo data file. It also lets you design your own reports and printouts. Most importantly, it allows you to do these things and still be included in the upgrade loop. For development help with your own OpenSorta™ project, contact PayGo at  866-545-7047 ext. 1, or visit our online contact page.

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