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You can track your customers with PayGo. It includes an easy-to-use, flexible customer management feature. You can add a New Customer from the Menu Screen or the Sales Screen.

Menu Screen New Customer

Add a New Customer from the Menu Screen.

Sales Screen New Customer Search Customer

Add a New Customer from Sales Screen.








Either route will bring you to the Customer Entry ScreenCustomer Entry Screen Information Tab Filled In


The Customer Entry Screen provides you with a single location where you can enter, view, and maintain customer information: contact, marketing data, loyalty programs, purchase history, and more.

Buttons at the top of the Customer Entry Screen are:

Customer Entry Screen Buttons

Below the buttons are the following tabs, which divide the Customer Entry Screen into sections.

Customer Entry Screen Tabs

When you click on New Customer, the Customer Information section (the first tab) opens. This section includes the following fields: Company Name, First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Account Number, Payment Terms (future feature), Address, Tax Setting, Tax Exempt Number, Tax Exempt by Tax Type, Email, Drivers License, Phone Number, Mobile Phone Number, Fax Number, and Comments.

All of the fields are optional. It is up to each store owner / manager to decide what information is a priority for staff to collect from the customer. To fill in a field, you can either use the mouse to point and click into it or you can use the tab button and tab your way through the fields.

A few items of note:

    • Account Number: You can use this field to store a specific account number or code for the customer. This field can be searched when using the Customer search box on the invoice.
    • Tax Code: You can choose a default tax code for the customer here. When a value is specified, and the customer is on an invoice, PayGo will use this tax value over any tax code specified for a product.
    • City and State fields can be automatically populated by entering the zip / postal code. They can also be entered manually. If multiple cities are assigned to the zip code entered, you can overwrite the city field with the correct city. Canadian postal codes are also capable of a lookup. Simply format the code this way to ensure a proper look up: M8J L3K
    • Picture: You can add the customer’s picture (or logo) by clicking on the Import Button beneath the picture field or by dragging and dropping an image into the field.

The Ship To/Bill To section will populate with the pertinent contact information entered in the Customer Information section.

In the Marketing section, you can specify the information you would like to collect about the customer that will help you better serve and reach out to them. For instance, if you run a pet shop, you might want to establish fields for the names and types of pets. If you have a store that specializes in athletic apparel, you may want to know what athletic activities and interests your customer has, as well as what their color and brand preferences are. You can establish fields by clicking on the Edit Marketing Fields button at the bottom of the screen.

Marketing Tab Blank

After the Edit Marketing Field Titles button is clicked, the Marketing Information Screen will pop up. Enter the type of information you would like to collect, tab out of the fields you’ve entered information in, and close the screen.

Marketing Field Titles

The Marketing Section of the Customer Entry Screen will then have fields identified for entering in the information you would like to collect. Once the information is collected within the fields it will be available on the dropdown associated with the field.

Example: Blue was typed in the Favorite Color field when Cara Customer’s information was entered. Whether I am in Cara Customer’s record or entering in a New Customer, Blue will be an option to select from. I can type in another color not listed if I want to.  Customer Entry Marketing Comments Filled In

If you would like, you may also enter in the customer’s Birthday and the Representative who assisted them in the fields towards the bottom of the screen.

Customer Entry Screen

You can keep track of additional contact information in the Contacts Section. If you have a gift shop or a jewelry store, you may want to have information about your customer’s significant other or the people in his or her life most likely to buy gifts for him or her. With that information, you can reach out and help make a special day even better for your valued customer. If you’re a pet store owner who offers grooming services, you may want to have additional contacts in case of an emergency with your customer’s pet.

Simply tab or point and click into the First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Extension fields to enter the contact’s information. Click the More button at the end of the line of Contact Information and it will bring up the Contact Entry screen:

Contact Entry Screen

With it, you can collect a wealth of information: first name, last name, phone number, mobile number, fax number, relevant title, relevant department, address, email, special notes, and birthday.

Customer Entry Freq Buyer

You can check on the amount of points your customer has collected in the Frequent Buyer section.  Adjustments to a customer’s points may also be made within it.





Do you offer discounts to specific customers? Perhaps they belong to your wine shop’s tasting club. Many customers appreciate being a part of a like-minded community. Or maybe you want to offer savings memberships. Regardless of the reason, you can tie a discount directly to a customer and view it in the Discount tab. Learn how to setup a Discount & Pricing program.  In the Discount section of the Customer Entry screen, you can select the discount program that a customer belongs to.

Customer Entry Discount Tab

Global Notes is a place where any notes you want to keep about your customer can be stored. Perhaps you gain a valuable insight into how to best serve your customer while chatting with her or him and haven’t created a field for it. Under the Global Notes tab, you can enter that information.





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