TeamViewer Setup

From time to time, your PayGo software may need technical support. PayGo now uses TeamViewer™, the world’s top secure remote connectivity tool, for all of your remote technical support needs. TeamViewer is widely considered to be one of the simplest and most secure ways to remotely connect multiple workstations for remote viewing and IT support. In addition, TeamViewer is free for personal use, making it the perfect solution for your technical support needs.

TeamViewer Download and Setup

To download your TeamViewer software, click here: TeamViewer Downloads

Note: when TeamViewer is downloaded from this page, the correct version for your operating system will automatically be chosen. 

From there, follow the prompts to install TeamViewer on your computer.


When TeamViewer is setting up for use on your computer, you will see the following setup box:

Note: When installing, be sure to use Basic Installation and Personal/Non-commercial use before you hit the Acceptfinish button.

When the setup is completed, you will see the following screen:

Add your Remote Control ID and Password (circled in orange) within the Security box in your PayGo Help Ticket system. It is what PayGo will use to gain remote access to your system whenever you need product support and access.

When you are finished setting up TeamViewer on your computer, you may exit out of the window.



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