Starting a New Till (Opening Procedure)

Make starting a Till an automatic beginning of the day task for each of your store’s workstations by establishing a Default Starting Till Amount.

To do this:

  1. Go to PayGo’s Main Menu screen.
  2. Click on the Workstation Setup button.
  3. Go to the Invoice tab in the top area of the Workstation Setup screen.
  4. Go to item #7 in the Invoice Settings list.
  5. Enter the Default Starting Till Amount you wish to establish for the workstation.
  6. Click on the Close button. Your new settings will be saved.

Now that the Default Starting Till Amount has been set, when the New Sale / New Invoice button is first clicked at the beginning of the day, a prompt to create a new Till will appear. The prompt will say:

There was no till found for this register. Would you like to create one now?

It will offer the options: Skip or Create.

Select Create if you would like to start a new till for the day. Once you select Create, the next prompt will say:

Please enter a Till I.D.

A popular choice for many retailers using PayGo is a name and date. Click Create. If you attempt to reuse a Till I.D., a prompt will say:

Sorry, that till name has been used before. 

You will need to use a different till name (Till I.D.). Then, click Create.

What does using PayGo’s Tills functions do for you? It helps you reconcile the money in your cash drawer with the money PayGo says you have brought in for the day, to help you find errors. Please keep in mind that Tills is a reconciling tool only. They do not impact sales figures or sales reports.

If you need to correct the Starting Amount for the day:

  1. Go to PayGo’s Main Menu screen.
  2. Click on the Tills button. This will bring you to the Till Closing screen.
  3. On the Cash line of the till, go into the Starting Amount field and change the number.

Changing the Starting Amount in the Till Closing screen does not change the Default Starting Amount in the Workstation Setup.

If you want to add a Payment Method eliminate a listed Payment Method from your Till:

  1. Click Post Till. Doing so will close the Till, so that you can create a new one.  Keep in mind that any Till records associated with the Till will be with the Till that has been posted, but will not impact your sales data.
  2. Go to the Main Menu screen.
  3. Click on the Company Setup button.
  4. Click on the Currency Setup tab.
  5. Put an X in the box of the Payment Method you wish to add or remove the X in the box of the Payment Method you want to eliminate. There are open fields at the bottom of the list if the Payment Method you want to add is not on the current list of options.
  6. Click the Close button within the Company Setup screen. Your changes will be saved.
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