Settings and Global Settings in PayGo’s Workstation Setup

Settings and Global Settings in PayGo’s Workstation Setup are primarily for connecting with tools outside of PayGo. Most of the time a member of our Support Team will assist you with these settings. Those using PayGo Unlocked may handle these details on their own.
Settings are specific to the Workstation you are working on. Global Settings establishes settings for workstations throughout your retail locations.
PayGo POS Workstation Setup Screen Settings

Settings Tab

Across the top of the screen select one of the following to see the settings related to the function: Credit Card, Email, Global, Inventory, Invoice, PaygoCart, Preference, Printing.

Credit Card

param_cc_alert: Show alter on approval / denial?
param_cc_buttons: Do you want the user to have the option to see Credit or Debit buttons? Enter CD to display Credit and Debit buttons.
param_cc_cloud_token: The workstation token provided by Payment Logistics.
param_cc_device_serialnum: The serial number of your credit card machine.
param_cc_password: Your user password.
param_cc_signature_pad: Use a Payment Logistics compatible signature pad device?
param_cc_testmode: Run transactions in test mode?
param_cc_timeout: The time PayGo waits before bailing on the request.
param_cc_tip_request: Add a tip line to all requests?
param_cc_type: The type of credit card processing method.
param_cc_url: The address of your server.
param_cc_use_device: Use a Payment Logistics compatible device?
param_cc_username: Your username.
param_use_paygo_buttons: When posting payments do you want to use the PayGo button values?


param_mail_email: Your email address.
param_mail_name: The name of the user account.
param_mail_port: What is the mail server you use?
param_mail_replyto: The reply to email address.
param_mail_server: What is the mail server you use?
param_mail_server_pswrd: The user password.
param_mail_server_user: The user account.

This section of Settings has been replaced by the Global Settings Tab.


param_add_consignor_as_customer: Do you want all newly created consignors to be added as customers and customers added as consignors?
param_allow_consignment_flat_rate: Allows a non-percentage based rate as a cap to amount taken.
param_consignment_sales_email_text: Text used in sale notifications to consignors.
param_inventory_entry_default: Default New Inventory Screen.
param_inventory_onhold_pref: When an item is put on hold, do you want it subtracted from your inventory?
param_new_consignment_screen_pref: The default screen you want to use when adding a new consignment item to inventory.
param_restrict_negative_sales: When selling items, don’t allow items to be sold into a negative on hand quantity.


param_change_due_time: Time the change due window shows.
param_consignor_sale_alert: Send email to consignor as items are sold.
param_cust_bday_warning: Alert for a birthday this month when added to an invoice.
param_cust_note_warning: Alert with notes field when customer is added to invoice.
param_invoice_scan_beep: Beep when an item is added to an invoice.
param_invoice_tab_search_pref: Do you want the search to trigger when exiting the Item field or the Quantity field?
param_popup_qty_default: When using quantity popup, default to this number.
param_run_tasks_on_server: Force PayGo to run adding item to invoice and posting invoice on the server.
param_sales_screen: The default sales screen to use for POS.
param_till_starting_amount: The dollar starting amount for your tills.
param_use_alt_size: If you want alt sizing to pop up on invoice for items with alternative sizes, enter Y here.
param_use_till: Do you want to use Tills to reconcile at the end of the sales day? If you do, enter Y in this field.

param_odbc_account: The ODBC account name to use.
param_odbc_pw: The ODBC account password to use.
param_onhand_pref: The on-hand count to use for your count. Options are Site or All. Site means that the on-hand count comes from the current site your workstation is located at. All means that the on-hand count comes from all sites combined.
param_xcart_api_key: The API key to your XCart.
param_xcart_ftp_active: Is FTP active?
param_xcart_ftp_keycode: FTP key code.
param_xcart_ftp_password: Your FTP password.
param_xcart_ftp_photo_path: The URL of your FTP photo directory.
param_xcart_ftp_registered_name: FTP name.
param_xcart_ftp_url:The URL of your FTP directory.
param_xcart_ftp_user:Your FTP user account name.
param_xcart_url: The URL of your XCart website.
param_xcart_version:The version of XCart you have.


param_assign_gift_card: When buying a gift card / gift certificate, assign it to the customer.
param_bigpicture_SBHr: Big Picture Sales By Hour can show each site or HQ (all sites).
param_default_zoom: When logging in do you want PayGo to zoom (enlarge) the screen size?
param_delete_warning: Do you want PayGo to ask you if you’re sure you want to delete?
param_find_pref: What default find method do you wish to use?
param_hide_login_ad: Do you want to hide the PayGo Ad / News on the Login screen? Important alerts are shared here.
param_lock_till_start: Lock in the till starting amount on till creation.
param_omit_from_HQ_updates: To omit Workstation from checking for HQ updates, set to Y.
param_show_opensorta_buttons: If you use OpenSorta, change to Y.
param_time_zone: Specify the time zone for this computer.


param_print_id: The print id for this workstation.
param_print_spooler_status_wait: The default seconds to wait to make sure spooler is running.
param_use_paygo_spooler: If you are a Cloud-Based Macintosh client, select Y for this parameter.

Global Settings

param_noline_portal_url: This will be provided to you by the PayGo Support Team.
param_consign_expire_days: If you have a policy that your item is here more than X amount of days, it becomes ours set the number of days here.
param_consign_contract: You can put the text of your Consignor Contract here. You can also access this tool through Consignment Central.
param_noline_portal_url: This is your PayGo Consign URL
param_customer_display: Turn on Customer Display.
param_customer_display_welcome: The Welcome Message on the Customer Display.
param_customer_display_thanks: The Thank You Message on the Customer Display.
param_noline_portal_url: This will be provided by the PayGo Support Team.
param_facebook_accountname: Your Facebook account name.
param_onesite_timecards: Do you want to keep all time cards for all sites under one main site?
param_consign_cost_method: Do you want to figure consignment commission before or after the discount?

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