Setting Up PayGo EM

The future of retail is online, so bring your store into the future with PayGo EM! PayGo EM is a service that allows you to send simple, verified, html-based receipts to your customers when they check out at your store.

For more information on PayGo EM, including subscription information, see PayGo Email Receipts.

Setting up PayGo EM on your PayGo System

On your Menu Screen, click Settings & Options. This will open a sub-menu, where you will click the Workstation button. This will take you to the Workstation Setup screen.

In the Company Setup screen, click the Global Settings tab. In the Search bar below the tab, type “mandrill” and click the Magnifying Glass icon. This will bring up your Mandrill settings.

param_mandrill_api_key: This will be provided by PayGo after registration.

param_mandrill_url: This will be provided by PayGo after registration.

param_mandrill_template_receipt: This will be provided by PayGo after registration.

param_mandrill_template_quote: This will be provided by PayGo after registration.

param_mandrill_template_event: This will be provided by PayGo after registration.

param_mandrill_event_reminder_days: Enter in the number of days prior to an event that you want a reminder to be sent to your customer.

param_mandrill_subaccount: This will be provided by PayGo after registration.

param_mandrill_emailfrom: This is your store’s primary email address.

param_mandrill_from_name: This is the store or company name that your customers will see on their receipts.

param_mandrill_active: Typing Y in this field will activate PayGo EM in your PayGo system.

When all information has been entered, click Done. Your changes will be saved.

Utilizing PayGo EM for Sales Receipts

To send a customer emailed receipts, select Email in the Print Output field on your Sales Screen.

Note: Be sure that the customer is registered in your customer entry system along with a valid email address, and that the customer account has been added to the invoice. For more information on your customer accounts, see PayGo’s Customer Entry System

When the transaction has been completed, the receipt will automatically be sent to the customer.


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