Setting Up PrintNode In Your PayGo System

Your PayGo software works with PrintNode*, the remote and cloud-based web printing software that makes it easy to use and coordinate all your printing needs. And best of all, it’s free to use for PayGo customers! PrintNode will allow you to easily set printers for your all of your full page, label and receipt printing, even for online users.

Downloading PrintNode

Note: be sure the printers you would like to use for your PayGo printing are installed on your computer!

To use PrintNode with PayGo, you must download and install it on your computer.

For Macintosh computers, download and install this: PrintNode for Mac.

For Windows computers, download and install this: PrintNode for Windows. [NOTE! Do NOT install PrintNode as a Windows service]

Your Account

The PayGo support team will create your account for PrintNode. They will send you an email with the necessary credentials. If you did not receipt this email, please submit a request through the help system.

Once the PayGo Support team has provided your account, you can log into the PrintNode app you’ve just installed on your computer.

Setting Up PrintNode Within Your PayGo System

To set up PrintNode printers within your PayGo system, you will need the PrintNode ID numbers for the printers you would like to use. To find the printer ID numbers, open the PrintNote Client on your computer. Within your account, select the Printers tab. This will show you a list of all printers installed on your computer.

To the left of each printer name, you’ll see an ID number assigned to each printer. These numbers are what you will enter into your PayGo software.

On your PayGo Menu Screen, click the Settings & Options button. This will open up a sub-menu, where you will click Workstation. This will take you to the Workstation Setup window. Click the Settings tab.

At the top of the Settings tab, select Printing by clicking the circle next to it. In this screen, there are several fields to fill in that are relevant to your PrintNode setup.

param_printnode_active: Set to Y

param_printnode_platform: [Important for WebDirect users] Please set this to the platform you use.

param_printnode_printer_id_fullpage: Enter the PrintNode ID number for the printer you would like to use for full-page printing.

param_printnode_printer_id_label: Enter the PrintNode ID number for the printer you would like to use for label printing.

param_printnode_printer_id_receipt: Enter the PrintNode ID number for the printer you would like to use for printing receipts.

param_printnode_url: this should already be filled with the URL. If it’s not there, please enter:

param_printnode_username: enter your PrintNode username. This will be a long key provided in the email from support.

When all relevant information is entered, you can either close out of the screen by clicking the Done button, or test your printers by clicking the PrintNode Test button.

You can also view details for your PrintNode printers by clicking the PrintNode Details button. When clicked, a pop-up window will ask if you’d like to view details on your Full Page, Label or Receipt printers.

IMPORTANT: If you are using the PayGo Spooler for printing, please disable it by changing the param_use_paygo_spooler to “N.”

*PrintNode capability requires PayGo 5.8v3 or higher.

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