Sending Email Quotes, Invoices and Purchase Orders from PayGo using Gmail

We’ve found that it’s pretty easy to send emails form PayGo using Gmail as your SMTP provider.

To allow a workstation to send emails, do the following:

– From the Menu Screen, click on Workstation Setup
– Click on Settings tab
– Click on the Email radio button

A list of available parameter settings will appear. Enter the following for each:

param_mail_email = your gmail email account
param_mail_name = your name (example Joe’s Gift Shop or Joe Schmoe)
param_mail_port = 587
param_mail_replyto = enter the email you want people to reply to
param_mail_server =
param_mail_server_pswrd = your email password to access gmail
param_mail_server_user = your gmail email account

Click on PayGo’s Close button and that should set your workstation to send emails.

Often times, you will also have to configure gmail to allow FileMaker to send emails. Please see this google issue to see how to do that:

Allowing other applications to email through gmail.

If you have issues when sending emails, please put in a support request at:

IMPORTANT Tip for PayGoWeb Direct users.

To have the ability to send emails from PayGo WebDirect, you have to make sure that on the spooler computer you set the FileMaker Pro user name to match that of the workstation where you specified the email settings.  You can specify the user name by going to Menu bar > FileMaker Pro > Preferences on a Mac and going to Edit > Preferences on Windows.

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