Ringing Up a Sale in 5 Easy Steps

While there are several different things that can be done within any PayGo point of sale transaction (discounts, returns, shipping, holds), there are 5 basic steps for completing a transaction at the point of sale.

Step 1: Click on the New Invoice / New Sale button located on PayGo’s Main Menu screen.

PayGo Menu Screen New Invoice Circled

Step 2: Enter in customer information. A sale may be completed without entering in customer information. For future marketing purposes, we highly recommend capturing this information.

Open Invoice Screen New Customer Circled

If the customer is a returning one, they can be found in the system by entering their name (or a portion of their name) in the Search Customers field. If the customer is a new customer, clicking on the New button within the Add Customer to Invoice area will bring up the Customer Entry screen.

Customer Entry Screen Plain Information Tab

When you’re done entering the information you would like to have about the customer, close the screen. The information will be saved and it will show up on the invoice/sales screen. The Close button is located in the upper left hand corner.

Step 3: Add items to the invoice. This can be done by scanning barcodes, entering SKUs, or searching for items and adding them.

Open Invoice Screen with Item Added

Step 4: Select a payment method (cash, credit card, etc.) and then enter in the amount. Once you click on the method of payment, you can specify exactly how much the customer wants to pay using that method.

Open Invoice Screen Payment Methods and Numbers Circled

If your customer wants to pay with one form of payment for the exact amount, when you press on the form it will default to the amount due. See the example below:

Open Invoice Sales Screen showing payment for full amount in cash

If the customer wants to use more than one form of payment, multiple methods can be selected and the appropriate amounts can be entered in. The amounts and forms of payments can be adjusted multiple times. They will not process within PayGo until you take the fifth and final step in completing the transaction.

Open Invoice Sales Screen Showing Multiple PaymentsStep 5: Click on the Post No Print button to complete the transaction without printing a receipt. Click on the Post & Print button to complete the transaction and print a receipt.

Open Invoice Screen Post No Print and Post n Print Circled

When the transaction has been completed, a window will pop up stating the change due to the customer and asking what step you would like to take next: View, Open Invoice, New Invoice.

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