Removing an Inventory Item with a Transaction History from PayGo

When an inventory item is discontinued or sold out an item, you may want for it to stop showing up as an inventory item. Deleting that inventory item also deletes that inventory item’s transaction history causing mayhem to your reporting and tracking. Nobody has time for that!

Instead, we recommend hiding the inventory item from your searches and reports. To hide (remove) an inventory item from searches and reports, take the following steps:

  1. From the Main Menu screen, click the Find Inventory button. Doing so will display the Find screen.
  2. Select the Search Field option that corresponds to the Search Criteria you would like to look up the item by.
  3.  Once you have entered in the information you wish to search by, click the Perform Find button in the upper right hand corner. In place of the above steps, you could use the Quick Search at the bottom of the Main Menu screen, select the Inventory option, and enter in the Item’s name in the Search Field. Then hit the Tab button on your keyboard or point and click on the magnifying glass (search) button.
  4. Select the item you wish to switch to inactive. The process of selecting may vary slightly between versions of PayGo. In PayGo 5.5, click on the magnifying glass on the line the item is on. This will bring you to the item’s Inventory screen. The top half of the Inventory screen is split into two sections: The Item (left side) and Item Identity (right side).
  5. Click the Inventory Type‘s field drop down (located in The Item section, next to the Item Name field) and select Inactive from the list.
  6. Press the Save button in the upper left hand corner.

Now if you attempt to search it, depending on your version of PayGo, one of two things will happen: nothing will show up when you search it or a pop-up box will appear that says “1 item was found, but it was marked as discontinued. To search for discontinued items, add an additional search line with an Inventory Type of Discontinued.”

The Inventory Item is now out of your way without important data being lost.


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