Performing a Return in the PayGo System

Returns are a fact of life in the retail world, and stores that make returning an item simple and easy will create customers that are happy to come back and continue shopping. PayGo’s return function is the simple and easy solution that will keep your business flowing and your customers happy.

To make a return, go to the Sales Screen and then click the Return button at the top of the screen. This will take you to the Returns screen, where you can add the invoice ID number or scan the receipts barcode in the Enter Invoice ID from Receipt field. This will bring up the customer’s entire receipt in the Invoice box. Choose which items are to be returned by clicking the X button next to the item’s name. This will bring up a pop-up box which will ask for the quantity of the item being returned, as well as any comments on the return. When that information is entered, hit the Close button. This will take you back to the Sales Screen, where you can continue the transaction. If the customer is purchasing a new item along with their return, that item can be added to the Sales Screen like usual and the refund amount will be automatically deducted from the total.

What if a customer is returning an item without a receipt?

If the customer would like to return an item with no receipt, you will have to search for the invoice record within the system. To do so, click the Find Sale Record button on the Menu Screen. From there, you can search for the invoice. This search will take you to the Sales List, where you can find the invoice that contains the item being returned. Make a note of the invoice ID number, and then start a new sale in the Sales Screen. From there, you can proceed with the return.

You can also search for the invoice through the customers profile if they are registered within your PayGo system. To access this, search for the customer using the Find Customer button on your Menu Screen, or through the Search Customers field in your Sales Screen. When the customer has been found, hit the History button, which is located at the top of the Customer Entry screen if searched through the Find Customer button, or to the right of the Search Customers field if searched through the Sales Screen. This action will bring up the Sales History screen, where you can find the invoice ID for the transaction in question. For more information on customer entry, see Using PayGo’s Customer Entry (CRM).

An alternate method of returning an item without a receipt is to add the item to a Sales Screen as if you were ringing the item up for a sale and then changing the item’s quantity to a negative number, such as -1. When this is done, a pop-up box will ask you if you’d like to process a return without a receipt. Click Yes to continue, and you will notice that the sales total will be a negative amount. From there, you can issue the customer refund based on your store policies.

For more information on refunds, see Issuing Refunds.

Can I make a return from the Sales View Screen?

Since the sales in the Sales View Screen are just a record of the transaction, they cannot be modified from that screen. The Return button can only be accessed through the Sales Screen.


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