PayGo Calendar Basics, an Introduction

The PayGo Calendar is one of our many mighty tools. With it, you can easily see what events are coming up next for your store, as well as schedule, monitor and view information regarding your classes, events and appointments. As PayGo user Rebecca Combs said in an interview, “On every POS you can make an event that’s an item and make it so it does not go negative, but what we have going on here is a beautiful calendar. We have 20-30 events a month. That’s a lot going on. In this calendar view, I can see how classes are doing, how many seats, who’s teaching what, and print a roster. There’s no time for nonsense. The instructor needs a roster. I need to print the roster and go. No other POS has an easy way to make that happen.”

To access your calendar, click the Calendar button on your PayGo Main Menu screen. This will take you to the Schedule by Month screen, which is set up like a monthly calendar. You are able to choose which store you are viewing the calendar for from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen, and you can change which month you’re viewing in the date field underneath, either by hitting the orange arrow buttons to either side or choosing a specific date by clicking the Calendar icon next to the date field.

Print: This button will allow you to print out the calendar for the month you are viewing.

Current Month: This button will allow you to snap back to the current month. This is particularly handy if you’ve been scheduling things several months into the future or viewing events from months ago.

New Event: This button will take you to the New Event screen, where you can set up new events for your store.

New Appointment: This button will take you to the New Appointment screen, where you can set up appointments for your store. (you can also find the Setup An Event and New Appointment buttons on your PayGo Main Menu screen, as well as in the Daily View screen. For more information, see Scheduling an Appointment in PayGo Calendar or Scheduling an Event in PayGo Calendar).

If you click on any date on the calendar screen, you will be brought to the Daily View screen. In this screen, you can see what events or appointments are scheduled for that day, the start and end times for the event, and the size of the event, as well as how many slots in the event are taken or available. These will populate automatically whenever you create a new event or appointment. On this screen, you will also see buttons to create a new event or appointment.

What advantages does this calendar offer over a traditional paper calendar? We know it takes a lot of love to run a shop and a lot of time and careful planning. You may be scheduling classes, fittings, taste tests, consultations… That stuff can get lost from time to time. With PayGo’s Calendar, you’ll have all of your appointments and events scheduled in a place where everyone in your business can easily see what’s coming up for your shop, your employees and your clients.

What is the difference between an event and an appointment? If you want to schedule a meeting, an interview or a consultation, an Appointment is the perfect way to do so. It’s a simple, no-frills screen that is easy to understand and use. However, if you want to schedule a great big event such as a class, retreat or concert, an Event is a great way to keep event rosters, schedules and preparation information together in one easy-to-access place.  

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