Starting a New Till on your Workstation

Creating a new till only takes a few seconds with your PayGo software. Just a few quick clicks and you’re on your way to starting your day’s sales accurately and easily!

Note: Your PayGo software allows you to set a default starting till balance! To do so, click the Settings & Options button on your Menu Screen. This will open a sub-menu where you can click the Workstation button. Under the Invoice tab on your Workstation Setup screen, you can set the Default Starting Till Amount on line 7.

Starting a New Till – Tills Button

To start a new till, click the Tills button on your Menu Screen. This will take you to the Till Closing Screen.

If you do not have any other tills, a pop-up window will ask you if you would like to create a new till. Clicking Create will open another pop-up window, asking you to give your new till a Till ID. Click Create when your till has been named. Note: You cannot reuse a previously utilized till name. PayGo recommends you use a name and the current date for your till IDs.

When your till has been created, you will be taken to the Till Closing Screen. This screen is organized by the till’s Create Date, Till ID, all Currency or Payment Method(s) that you accept in your store, PayGo Till Totals, Your Counted Till Totals, the currency/payment method Starting Amount and the Difference between the two figures. Your default starting till balance will show up in the Starting Amount column, under the Cash payment method. Typically, you will not enter starting amounts for all other till payment methods so those will be left blank.  When you’re done entering all starting amounts, click the Close button at the top of the screen to finish creating the till.

Starting a New Till – New Sale

If you haven’t started a new till before your first sale, a pop-up box will ask if you would like to create a new till for the register when you click the New Sale/New Invoice button. You can click Create, and follow the same instructions as above to start your till.

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