How to share, update and manage your security information with PayGo

At times, PayGo’s team will need to access your computers, servers, and/or websites in order to assist you. Your security is important to us. Since email is not a secure method for sharing sensitive information, we’ve set up a Security Button in PayGo’s Help System.

Please follow these steps to share, update and/or manage your security information with PayGo:

    1. Click on Submit a Support Ticket and/or log in to PayGo’s Help System. PayGo POS Submit a Support Ticket PayGo POS GetHelp Log In
      If you do not have your login information, please request it by emailing We want to help you!
    2. Click on any of the tickets you have in The PayGo Help System. It does not matter if the ticket is New, Open, or Closed – any will work. 
    3. Click on the Add Security Info button .
    4. A Enter Computer / Web Site Security Data Here screen will pop-up and provide fields for you to enter the information that PayGo’s Team will need. 
    5. On each line of the pop-up there is a shield icon PayGo POS Password Shield Iconin the Password column. Click on the shield icon and enter your password information.
    6. Enter your password information. 
      PayGo POS Password Pop-Up
    7. Click the OK button.
    8. Click out of the Enter Computer / Web Site Security Data Here screen. Your information will be saved.
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