How To Setup Your iOS Device to Connect to PayGo FancyFree

To get up and running on PayGo FancyFree (FF), please read the following:


The PayGo FancyFree app is a nifty little tool which uses the FileMaker Go 16 App to do all that it does. It’s a file which needs to be installed on your PayGo host computer.

The file is then hosted up and you use the FileMaker Go App on your iOS device to access it over your network. NOTE: At this time, the PayGo FF app and data does not reside on your iOS device but that may change in the future.

You should have been provided with a download link for PayGo FF from your PayGo Sales Consultant or in some cases, the Support Team will install PayGoFF for you. .

Also, you must download the FileMaker Go 16 app from the App store on your iPhone or iPad.

To connect to FF, do the following:

– Launch FileMaker Go 16 on your iPhone/iPad
– Click on the Hosts icon

– Click on the Hosts menu option on the top left
– Click the plus icon ( + ) on the top right
– Enter the IP address of your host computer [NOTE: If you are a PayGo Webdirect user, the host address you use will be provided by support.] go_addhosts2
– Click Save. You should now see the PayGoFancyFree file.
– Click on it to connect

If you are a PayGo WebDirect user, you will have to define your file. See the images below:


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