How do I set my sales tax rate?

From the Main Menu of PayGo, Do The following:

1. Click the “Company Setup” button on the Main Menu.
PayGo Main Menu Company Setup

2. The Company Setup screen will appear with your company information. Click on the Tax Info tab to display the tax information.
Company Setup Company Info Tax Info Circled

3. There are two tax fields for single site stores. You can specify the name of the tax in Tax Title fields #1 and #2. (For instance, you might enter City Tax in #1 and State Tax in #2)

4. You can specify the tax rate in the Tax % Rate fields. Make sure you use the decimal equivalent to your tax rate. For instance, a 7% tax rate should be entered as .07.

5. You can name your combined tax via the Title For Combined Tax field.
Company Setup Tax Info Tab

Now that you’ve established tax rates for your store…
You’ll want to make sure you’re applying taxes to correct items. For example, we’re located in Minnesota where apparel is not taxed, but accessories are. When you begin Defining Departments for your inventory, you’ll want to make sure you identify which items are taxable and which are not by entering a T in the appropriate Taxable fields.
Department Setup Default Settings Taxes Circled
For more information see Define Departments: Keep Your Inventory Organized with PayGo.

For Retailers with Multiple Stores with Multiple Tax Rates:

If you have multiple stores with multiple tax rates, click on the Define Tax Codes button.
Define Tax Codes button

Doing so will bring up the Tax Tables screen. You can establish taxes for each location here.

Tax Tables

  1. Click the New Tax button.
    New Tax Button
  2. The Tax Tables screen will pop up with fields for entering all of the Tax Table Information for the site you are establishing taxes for. 
    Tax Table Setup
  3.  Complete the fields and click the Close button to save the information you’ve entered. 
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