How to sell a gift certificate or gift card

There are two methods of tracking gift certificates in PayGo.

Internal – This method uses the PayGo internal certificate table and auto-numbering to manage your gift certificates.

External – This method uses the numbering system of another setup. For instance, if you buy renumbered gift certificate cards or gif cards.

The procedure for selling varies based on which you have selected.

The default Gift Certificate Item ID in PayGo is 994.

The default Gift Card Item ID is 999.

In Workstation Setup, look at number 10 under Invoice Prefs, titled Gift Certificate Type. If you wish to let PayGo handle printing and management of gift certificate serial numbers, leave the setting here as PayGo. If you have preprinted gift certificates, or wish to track your own serial numbers for gift certificates, then select External.

Sell a gift certificate or gift card using the following instructions:

1. Start a new sale from your main menu or go to an open sale.

2. In the Item Search field, type the Item ID of the Gift Certificate or type gift without quotes to search for it. Press Enter on your number keypad.

2. PayGo will see that it is a Gift Certificate or Gift Card and a Gift Certificate pop up window will appear asking for the amount of the gift certificate. You can also enter To, From and Message if you wish, but it is not required.

3. PayGo will add the Gift Certificate item to the sale. If you have External selected instead of using the PayGo internal receipt-based gift certificates, a dialog window will pop up requiring you to scan or type the serial number of the gift certificate before it is added to the sale.

4. You can continue with any other items you wish to add to the sale. When the sale is posted, if you are using the PayGo internal gift certificates, it will print a copy of the gift certificate after your receipt prints. If you are using External gift certificates/cards, nothing will print.

5. Gift Card sales are similar to gift certificate sales, except when you add a gift card to the sale, a dialog will open asking you to scan or type the serial number. If the Serial Number does not exist in PayGo, it will create a record for it and add the amount sold. If the serial number already exists, it will add the amount sold to the current balance of the card.

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