How do I add new payment buttons to the invoice screen?

From the Main Menu of PayGo, Do The following:

1. Click the “Company Setup” button, and then the Currency Setup Tab.

2. This tab lists the current payment methods. Each payment method has an “X” in the check box which tells PayGo to show this as an available payment method on the Invoice for payment. Payment methods that are not checked are used for tills, but are not valid payment types. (You would collect $1.23 “Cash”, not 1 dollar bill, 2 dimes, and 3 pennies.)

3. In the Dynamic Values Section, scroll down until you see a blank record. Click into the Name field in the blank recore, and type in the name of your new payment method.

4. The second column (going right) is the “Value” column, leave this blank.

5. In the third column, Select the Checkbox [X] for “Pmt Method”.

6. In the fourth column, leave the “Acct” field blank.

7. In the fifth column, give your payment method a button number. Somewhere between 1-14 will work. This specifies the order of the buttons on the pay screen. You can use decimals to place a button in between others (for example, 3.5 would place a button between the buttons ordered #3 and #4).

8. In the 6th column, you want to choose the type the applies to the Payment Button you’re setting up. For instance, if you want the button to unitize PayGo’s Gift Card tracking, you’d select ‘Redeem GC’. If you wanted the button to utilize PayGo’s integrated credit card system, you’d select ‘CreditCard.’

You are finished! Go test it out by opening a new sale!

NOTE: The new payment button will NOT show up on your Till if you’ve already created the Till for the day. The Payment Button must exist before you create a Till.

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