Employee List

The Employee List screen will show you all existing employees that are setup in PayGo. You have the ability to setup a new employee, sort the existing employee list or edit an existing employee by clicking on the record. You will also see the employee’s telephone number and security access level on this screen.

Employee Screen

The Employee Screen is the primary area, to not only add employee information, but it is also where you assign the employee user account login and password.

First, Middle, & Last Name: The employee’s name (first and last required).
Social Security #: The employee’s government ID number.
Address, City, State, Zip: The employee’s address.
Telephone / Cell: The employee’s phone numbers.
Email: The employee’s email address.
Employee Status: The current employment status of the employee. You can set the status to: Employee, Candidate, Terminated, Resigned, or Transferred.
Driver’s License: The employee’s drivers license number.
Emergency Contact: The employee’s emergency contact name.
Relationship: How is the employee’s emergency contact related to them?
Phone: The telephone number of the emergency contact.
Notes: You can use this area for any notes you want to keep regarding the employee.
Photo: You can add an image of the employee.
Start Date: The employee’s starting date of employment.
Term Date: The employee’s termination date.
Term Reason: The reason the employee was terminated.

Define Login Account

New Employee button: Click this to start a new employee record.
Delete button: Click this to remove an employee record.
Save button: Click this to save any changes you have made to the employee record.

Add Standard Login Account: Enter in a user name and password in the dialog box that opens. Note that the password is case sensitive, so be careful when typing and check your “Caps Lock” key before typing. From here, you can also change the user name, password, and access level.

Add Admin Login Account: Create the user account to have Admin privileges.

Delete Login Account: For the current employee that you have accessed; this will remove the employee’s user account and access to PayGo. This will not delete the employee record from PayGo.

Change Password: For the current employee you have accessed, you can click this button to change the user’s password.
The User’s Access Level: Select an access level for this employee.
Card Key Code: If Swiped Logins are used, set the ID for the swipe card here.

OpenSorta buttons: These buttons call the External Call Script Staff 1-4. Add scripts to these buttons to customize PayGo to fit your needs.

Company Access Level Setup

From this tab you can customize different access levels. For example, you can setup a Privilege Name “Salesperson” which you can quickly assign all of your salespersons to. To create a new access level, click into a blank Privilege name field and give your access level a name, such as “Salesperson.” Then assign a level of access to each of the listed functions. For example, if you wish to have your salespersons to be able to look up PO information, but not to create, modify, or delete PO information; you would set the PO Access for the Salesperson Privilege set to 1 (Read Only).

Timecard Setup

In this tab you can specify the different available hour types. This is utilized with PayGoClock.

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