Discount Programs

Discount Program List
The Discount Program List will give you a list of all the existing discount programs within PayGo. You can also review the program’s start and end date as well as the program type. The New Discount Program button will open the Discount Program Setup screen and let you add a new program to PayGo. You can also delete a program by clicking on the small red x on the right side of the record.

Discount Program Type: The two options here are: Membership and Global
Membership: Department and Customer must both have the same membership discount program assigned to them in order for the discount to apply.
Global: All items within the department will have this discount applied to them for all customers.
Discount Name: This is the name of the discount program.
Number: The number works in association with the method. For the “Off” and “Result” methods, you can use whole or decimal numbers. For Percent you should only use decimal numbers
(e.g. .20 = 20%).

Method: There are three methods to choose from: Off, Percent, and Result.
Off: Currency amount subtracted from the price.
Percent: Discount percentage subtracted from the price (use a decimal).
Result: Price will be discounted to this number.
Start / End Date: This is the date range that the discount is valid.

If item is already discounted, PayGo should [select option below] the existing discount:
Add – This will add the existing discount to the program discount.
Override – This will override the existing discount with the program discount.
Use – This will use just the existing discount instead of the program discount.
Quantity Qualification (Min/Max): You can control whether the person must buy a minimum or maximum number of any item in order to qualify for the discount. If you don’t want to use this, you can leave them blank.

Notes: Use the notes field to add notes about this specific discount program.