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PayGo POS Discount & Pricing Programs

PayGo’s point of sale software gives independent retailers the flexibility to offer and track a variety of discounts. Using our point of sale software to manage your store’s discounts reduces the potential for errors (those human ones seem to happen on the busiest and potentially most profitable days).

How to Use PayGo’s Discount and Pricing Programs

When you click on the Discount & Pricing Programs button on your PayGo Menu screen, you will be taken to the Discount Program List screen.

PayGo POS Discount Program List Screen

The Discount Program List displays a list of all the existing discount programs you’ve established within PayGo. It shows the Program ID, Program Name, Start Date, End Date, and Program Type (Global or Membership), so long as those were established when the discount was created. Need to delete a program? Click on the small trash can icon to the right of the record.

PayGo POS New Button in Discount Program List Screen

You can create a discount by clicking on the New button to open the Discount Program Setup screen.

PayGo POS Discount Program Setup Screen


Discount Program Setup screen fields explained:

Discount Program Type: You can select Membership or Global.

  • Choose Membership if you want for the department and the customer to both have the same discount program assigned to them in order for the discount to apply. Example, you want to offer 20% off on necklaces to customers in your jewelry club and only to them.
  • Choose Global if you want all items within the department to have the discount applied for all customers.

Discount Name: You can name your discount program in this field. When naming discounts you may want to consider establishing a naming convention that is easy for employees to remember and search.

Number and Method: The number you enter will be tied to the method (Off, Percent, Result). You can enter whole or decimal numbers in this field. If you will be selecting percent for the method, you must use a decimal number (e.g. .20 = 20%).
Methods Defined:

  • Off: Currency amount subtracted from the price.
  • Percent: Discount percentage subtracted from the price (use a decimal).
  • Result: Price will be discounted to this number.

Start / End Date: This is the date range that the discount is valid. Entering this information prevents discounts being given beyond the sale dates you want established.

If item is already discounted, PayGo should:

The three options you can select from are:

  • Add: This will add the existing discount to the program discount.
  • Override : This will override the existing discount with the program discount.
  • Use: This will use just the existing discount instead of the program discount.

Quantity Qualification (Min/Max): You can control whether the person must buy a minimum or maximum number of any item in order to qualify for the discount. If you don’t want to use this, you can leave these fields blank.

Notes: Use the notes field to add notes about this specific discount program.

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