Discount and Pricing Programs in PayGo – An Overview

Setting up good deals for your customers has never been easier! PayGo’s Discount and Pricing Programs screen allows you to set up all kinds of discount programs that can be applied with a point and a click.

Click the Discounts and Pricing Programs button on the PayGo POS Menu screen to access your Discount Program List screen. It displays all of the discount programs you’ve created within your PayGo software. In this screen, you can view the start and end dates of your programs, as well as what type of program you have defined for the discount. You can delete discount programs on this list by clicking the trash icon to the right of each program record, or edit discount programs by clicking the magnifying glass icon to the left of each program record.

Creating a New Discount Program

Click the New button at the top of the Discount Program List screen. This will bring you to the Discount Program Setup screen.

At the top right of the Discount Program Setup screen is a Departments button. Clicking on the Departments button will take you to your Departments screen (for more information on this screen, see Define Departments – Keep Your Inventory Organized with PayGo).

Use this button if you select either a Membership or Global in the Discount Program Type field within the Rule Setup box. Membership and Global discounts must be set up on a department by department basis and they must be enabled on every department you would like to apply the discount program you are creating to (you can do this in the Discounts tab in your Department Setup screen).

In the top center of the Discount Program List screen there is a note stating that the discounts awarded by this program will negate any frequent buyer points that the customer may be receiving (for more on Frequent Buyer Programs, see Using PayGo’s Customer Entry (CRM) article).

The first box you will see on this page is the Rule Setup box, which is where you will enter all information for your new discount program.

Discount Name: This is where you will enter the name of the discount program.

Start Date and End Date: This is where you can define specific dates for this discount program to be offered during.

Discount Program Type: You can choose from Membership, Global or Package for this option.

  • Membership: This option will require that the customer is enrolled in a discount program before this discount can be applied.
  • Global: This option will allow all of your customers to use this discount program.
  • Package: This option allows a discount for when items are purchased together. Example: If you sell bracelets at a regular price of $7.00 and want to offer a sale that encourages customers to buy 3, you could setup a package discount, buy 3 for $15.00.

Notes: This is a field to add user notes for this department. The notes will not be visible to the customer.

Membership/Global Discount Rules

Number: This data entry field is where you will input the number for either the percentage or dollar amount off for the discount. This field is dependent on the Method field’s drop-down menu options.

The Method field drop-down menu options:

  • Off: If you choose this method, then the number you enter is a currency amount that will be subtracted from the original price. For instance, if you enter a 5 in the Number field and choose Off, the discount program will be defined as $5.00 off an item or group of items.
  • Percent: If you choose this method, then the number you enter is a percentage subtracted from the original price. NOTE: For this field, you will need to use a decimal in order for the discount to work correctly. Example: To create a 25% off discount program, enter.25 in the Number field and then choose Percent from the drop-down menu.
  • Result: If you choose this method, enter the sale price of the item. Example: Enter a 10 in the Number field and select Result. The sale price will be $10.00.

Rule Option: If an item is already discounted, PayGo allows you to choose what should happen when the discount you are creating is applied on top of the existing discount program.

You will see the following text: If item is already discounted, PayGo should [select option below] the existing discount:

Options on the drop-down menu for this section are:

  • Add: This will add the existing discount to the discount you are creating.
  • Override: This makes the discount you are creating the only discount that will be applied.
  • Use: This uses just the existing discount, and does not apply the one you are creating.

Package Discount Rules

This box can define whether the discount being created would only be applied if the customer would purchase a minimum or maximum amount of a certain item.

NOTE: Inventory must be assigned to a Package Discount rule to be active. This can be set under the Pricing tab on the Inventory screen.

Min Qty / Max Qty fields: Control whether a person must buy a minimum or maximum number of any item to qualify for the discount being created. If you don’t want to use this, you can leave them blank.

Unit Price: This box is where you will set the unit price for the Package Discount.

Example: If you sell bracelets that are normally $7.00 each and you want to offer a sale that lets customers buy 3 for $15.00, you would set the unit price at $5.00. The minimum allowed for the package would be set to 3.

After all information has been entered on this screen, hit the Save button. Your discount program will be ready to use!

For more information on the different types of discount programs, see Setting Up Different Types of Discounts.


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