Discounts and Pricing Programs in PayGo – an Overview

Every customer and store is unique, so why should your discounts be any different? PayGo offers several different types of online and in-store discount and pricing programs, all of which are designed to quickly and easily get your customers the prices they want, and keep them coming back for more.

Applying a Discount to a Sale

Everyone loves a good discount, and PayGo makes it easy to add any type of discount right from your Sales Screen! Just select an item, click the Disc (discount) button, and pick a discount.

For more information on adding discounts to a sale, including setting up Discount Reasons, see Applying Discounts to a Sale.

Global Discounts

Are you having a store sale or discount event? then global discounts are the way to go. A Global discount is a discount program that can be applied to all of your inventory, and can be added to an invoice from the Sales Screen at any time.

For more on creating global discounts, see Creating a Global Discount.

Membership Discounts

A Membership discount is a discount program that you can offer to your loyal customers. It’s designed to work with your Customer Screen to assign your customers to an automatic discount with your store.

For more on creating membership discounts, see Creating a Membership Discount.

For more information on your Customer Screen system, see PayGo’s Customer Entry System.

Package Discounts

Do you have certain items that you want to offer a discount for if your customer buys in bulk?  Then this discount is right for you! The Package discount allows you to set a discount for customers when they buy a certain amount of a single product.  For instance, if you sell quilting squares that are normally $5 apiece and would like to make a deal that would allow your customers to buy five for $20, then the Package discount will allow you to do so.

For more on creating package discounts, see Creating a Package Discount.

Viewing, Editing and DeletingYour Existing Discounts

When you have several different discount programs, it can be hard to keep them all straight. You can view all of your existing programs in the Discount Program List screen. To view this screen, click the Settings & Options button on your Menu Screen. This will open a sub-menu above the button, where you will click the Discount & Pricing Programs button. This will take you to the Discount Program List screen.

Each program on the Discount Program List screen is listed by its Program ID number, the Program Name, its Start Date and End Date, and what Program Type it is. You can view or edit any of these discount programs by clicking the Magnifying Glass icon to the left of the Program ID number in each item’s line. You can also delete any existing programs by clicking the Trash icon to the right of the Program Type in each item’s line.

Discounts by Department

If you would like to create a discount that will be applied to only certain departments, then a Global or Membership discount is right for you. These discounts are enabled on a department-by-department basis, so all you have to do is enable the discount in whichever department you choose!

For more information on setting up departments within your PayGo system, see Adding Departments to PayGo.

Online Coupons

Customer coupons are an excellent way to increase your online sales, and PayGo makes it easy to create and utilize coupons online. In your PayGo software, coupons can be created, given a code and applied just as easily as they would in your brick-and-mortar shops.

For more information on creating online coupons, see Creating Online Coupons for your PayGoCart Website.

Gift Certificates and Gift Cards

Gift cards and certificates are an excellent way to get new and existing customers into your store, and PayGo makes the selling and application of gift cards and certificates simple.

For more information on gift certificates and gift cards, see Gift Certificates and Gift Cards.


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