Creating Bundles and Kits

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Sometimes, you may want to take items from within your inventory, add them together in a bundle or kit, and sell the bundle as a single item. PayGo gives you the ability to do so, and without any extra hassle of manually changing your inventory items.

Creating a Kit or Bundle
To create a kit or bundle, click on New Inventory in your Menu Screen. Enter the kit’s name in the Item Information box, and assign it to a department in the Item Classification box (tip: you can create a department just for kits and bundles, in order to make it easier to keep track of these items. For more information on defining departments, see Defining Departments: Keep Your Inventory Organized with PayGo). When you are finished, hit the Jump to Item button in the top right of the screen. This will take you to the item’s Inventory Screen.  On this screen, click on the Kits & Bundles tab, near the bottom half of the screen.  Within this tab, click the Jump to Kit button. This will take you to the Kit Creation screen.

On the Kit Creation screen, you will be able to enter in the item’s label type, department and category, as well as any other information about the kit that you would like to include. Under these fields, you will see a box where you are able to enter in all of the individual items in your inventory that will make up your kit.

To search for the items, enter the items name in the Add an Item field and then click anywhere outside of the field. This will take you to a search window where you can select the item you wish to add by clicking the magnifying glass next to the item’s name. When you do so, a pop-up window will ask you for an item quantity; this is for how many of the item you’ve selected will be in each individual bundle.

When you are finished adding items, hit the small Calculator button next to the Retail Value field in the top box. This will automatically add up the cost and retail values of the bundle you are creating. From there, enter in the cost you would like the bundle to be in the Our Retail field. When you are finished entering all information, hit the Bundle button. A pop-up button will ask you how many bundles you would like to create, and based on that number, your PayGo system will automatically remove the items in the bundle from their individual inventories and add them to the bundle’s inventory.

Modifying and Duplicating Kits
If you would like to modify the items in your kit, it can be done easily in the Kit Creation screen. Simply add or remove the items you would like to change, and then hit the Save button at the top of the screen when done.

If you’re creating several bundles or kits with some of the same inventory items, it may be easier to duplicate an existing kit, and then modify the duplicate. To do so, got to the Kit Creation screen and hit the Duplicate button at the top of the screen. A dialogue box will pop up, stating that the duplication was successful and that you are now viewing the information for the new kit. From there, you can change the name of the kit and add or remove items as you like. Hit the Save button at the top of the screen when done. This will take you back to the screen for the original item that you just duplicated.

Unbundling Kits
To unbundle a kit, you can hit the Unbundle button in either the Kit Creation screen or the Kits & Bundles tab on the Inventory screen. A pop-up box will ask you to enter the number of kits or bundles that you would like to unbundle. The kits will then be removed from inventory and the individual items of the kit will be added back into their original inventory.

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