Creating a Membership Discount

A Membership discount is a discount program that you can offer to your loyal customers. It’s designed to work with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to assign your customers to an automatic discount with your store.

Setting up a Membership Discount

To set up a membership discount, click the Settings & Options button on your Menu Screen. This will open a sub-menu above the button, where you will click the Discount & Pricing Programs button. This will take you to the Discount Program List screen.

In the Discount Program List screen, click the New button at the top of the screen. This will open the Discount Program Setup screen. You will see the Rule Setup box on this screen, which is where you will set all the parameters of your new discount.

You can name the discount you’re creating in the Discount Name field, as well as the Start Date and End Date and any relevant Notes you’d like to add. Below these fields you will see a box titled Discount Program Type, where you will choose the Membership option.

Below that box, there is another box titled Membership/Global Discount Rules, where you are able to define what type of discount will be offered. There is a Number box and a drop-down menu for the Method type, with three options:

Percent: This will allow your members to enjoy a certain percentage off of their purchases through your stores.

Off: This will allow your members to receive a discount of a certain dollar amount off of their purchases.

Result: This option will set the final price for your customers’ purchases at a certain dollar amount.

Rule Option: This is a drop-down menu asking you to set up a rule option for the discount you are setting up. What this means is, if your customer is purchasing an item that is already discounted, you are able to set up which discount to apply to that item. You can either Add the discount to the item, Override the existing discount, or Use the existing discount instead of the one you are creating.

Adding a Customer to a Membership Discount Program

You can easily add a customer to your Membership discount program by going to the customer’s profile (you can search for customers by clicking the Find Customer button on your Menu screen), clicking the Discount tab in their Customer Entry screen, and selecting the discount you would like them to receive from the list. This discount will be applied to your customer’s invoice automatically.

Removing a Customer from a Membership Discount Program

If you would like to remove a customer from a Membership discount program, you can do so under the Discount tab in the Customer Entry screen by clicking the Clear button at the top of the discount list. This will clear the customer from all discounts.


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