Closing Out Your Till (Closing Procedure)

PayGo Tills is a tracking feature built to help you reconcile all transactions during a given time period. Most of the retail companies using PayGo POS create a new Till each day for all workstations handling transactions.

To close out your Till at the end of the day, follow these steps:

  1. Go to PayGo’s Main Menu screen.PayGo POS Main Menu Tills
  2. Click on the Tills button. PayGo will find the Till associated with the workstation (computer) you are working from. If there is no Till available and PayGo prompts you to start one, please see our Starting a Till instructions.
  3. If the Till‘s starting amount is not in the Starting Amount field on the Cash line in the Till Closing screen, enter the amount. If you need to change the starting amount, you may change it here as well.
  4. Click the Pencil icon on the Cash line. A Till Worksheet screen will open with fields for you to enter in the number of coins and bills you have in your Till.PayGo POS Till Worksheet Screen
  5. Click the Post Total button in the upper right hand corner of the Till Worksheet screen. You will return to the Till Closing screen. The amount you have entered into the Till Worksheet will be populated into the Your Counted Till Totals field. If the Difference between what has been counted and what should be in the Till (PayGo Till Totals + Starting Amount) is 0.00, your Till is right on.PayGo POS Till Closing Screen
  6. Repeat this process (if necessary) with your other payment methods.
  7. When finished, click on Post Till in the upper right hand corner of PayGo’s Till Closing screen.
  8. A pop-up will be prompted that asks, “Are you sure you want to post the following till? [Name of the Till ID].” From this pop-up prompt, you can select: Cancel or Post.Ready to post the following till?
  9. When you click Post, the Post Till screen will display. It contains the following fields: Weather Conditions, Till Notes, Till I.D. (populated with the name used when starting the till), Salesperson (populated), Workstation ID (populated).PayGo POS Post Till Notes
  10. There is a Cancel button on the upper left corner of the Post Till screen and a Post Till button in the upper right corner.
  11. Click the Post Till button.
  12. A pop-up will be prompted that asks, “Do you want to print a Payment Detail report?”PayGo POS Payment Detail Report
  13. If you select yes, the next pop-up prompted will ask, “What Printer do you wish to print to?” Your options will be: Cancel, Full Page, or Receipt. Select your preference.
  14. This will Close the Till, preparing you for a fresh start when you open again.

Need instructions for how to start a Till? Click here.

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