Checking a Paygistix Payment

Occasionally, when running a charge through Paygistix, your credit card terminal will reveal that the charge was successful, but PayGo never receives the confirmation.

When this happens, you can easily have PayGo check your Payment Logistics account to see if the charge actually made it to their system.

To do this, do the following.

-On the Sales screen, click the credit card button as if you were running a normal charge

-When prompted for the amount to charge, you should see a button named “Lookup”

-Click on Lookup. You will next be prompted for a date range to lookup and also the amount.

-Click Ok. PayGo will then send a request to Payment Logistics and if the request is found, you will be notified if the charge was successful or not. (note…when clicking Lookup, PayGo will NOT try to rerun the charge. It ONLY looks up the charge)

This feature is available in PayGo 5.6v9 or higher. It also requires that your workstation be configured properly. If you get an error when trying to lookup a charge, please put a ticket in with the Support Team.

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