PayGo Calendar Basics

Schedule, monitor, and view information regarding your classes, events, and appointments in your PayGo POS  Calendar.

Click the Calendar button on PayGo’s Main Menu screen to open the Calendar/Schedule screen.

Here are some of the basics you can do in PayGo’s Calendar:

  • Create a New Appointment, by clicking the New Appt button on the far right of the Calendar/Schedule screen. Clicking the button displays the Appointment Setup screen, which contains the following fields: Subject, For, Date Start, Date End, Start Time, End Time, Description, and Site. You can schedule individual style consultations, fittings, or tastings with customers; or, any appointment you would like to have viewable on your PayGo calendar.
  • Click the New Event button to create an event that is more involved than an appointment. Clicking this displays the Event Setup screen. In this screen there are two tabs: Event Information and Roster. In the Event Information tab, the following information can be entered: Title, Shortcut Name, Department, Class, Category, Instructor, Size, Minimum Enrollment, Price, Description, Site, Start and End Date & Times, Multiple Dates for Events, Event Preparations, Recommended Books, and Additional Supplies that attendees may need.  At the top of the Roster tab, you can view the Event size, slots taken, and slots available. Below these fields is a list of Attendee names, the date they purchased, and the amount they paid. Regardless of which tab you are in,  you can access the following buttons: Print Roster, Print Labels, Sales History, Save & Close. You can also select a label type (split, butterfly, bolt, rectangle, custom, Avery, etc.).
  • Clicking the Current Month button will, you guessed it, bring you back from wherever you wandered to the Current Month. If you were working months ahead or reviewing months behind the current month and need to return to it in a click, you can.
  • The Print button allows you to print the month you are viewing in the screen.
  • When you click the Close button on the screen, your information will be saved.
  • If you click on any date, the Daily View screen will display.  It shows the Events for the date you have clicked on and includes the following populated information: Start Time, End Time, Event Title, Size, Slots Taken, and Slots Available.

Our Calendar is one of our many mighty tools. As PayGo user Rebecca Combs said in an interview, “On every POS you can make an event that’s an item and make it so it does not go negative, but what we have going on here is a beautiful calendar. We have 20-30 events a month. That’s a lot going on. In this calendar view, I can see how classes are doing, how many seats, who’s teaching what, and print a roster. There’s no time for nonsense. The instructor needs a roster. I need to print the roster and go. No other POS has an easy way to make that happen.”

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