Adding New Employees To PayGo

Employees come and go, and setting up each of your employee’s personalized profile is quick and simple with PayGo! Within one screen, you can define employee access settings, store basic information and set up each employee’s individual login information.

To access your employee screens, click the Settings & Options button on your Menu Screen. This will open a sub-menu, where you will click the Employees button. This will take you to the Employee List screen. This is where you can see a full list of your current employees. Each employee will be listed by their Employee Name, Telephone # (number), Login Name, and current Employment Status (which can be changed within the Information tab in the Employee Screen), as well as by an optional employee photo to the left of each line item. You can edit employee information by clicking the Magnifying Glass icon to the left of each line item, remove employees by clicking the Trash icon to the right of each line item, or omit the employee from the list by clicking the Omit icon. You can also classify your staff as active and inactive, and you are able to see the list of active and inactive employees by clicking the Active Staff and Inactive Staff buttons at the top of the page. Clicking the Sort button will open the Sort Records window, where you can choose to sort by the employee’s full name, status, phone number, username or photo.

Adding New Employees to PayGo

To add a new employee, click the New Employee button within the Employee List screen. This will take you to the Employee Screen. On this screen, you will set all basic information, timecard and security levels for the employee, as well as system login information and access. At the top of the screen, there is a New Employee button (which will take you to a new Employee Screen) and Delete Employee button (which will delete the current employee).

Information Tab

This is where you can set all basic information about the employee, such as the employee’s name, picture and contact information, as well as the employee’s Social Security Number, Driver’s License number, and Emergency Contact information, and any relevant Notes. This tab is also where you can set the employee’s Employment Status from a drop-down field (options for employment status are Employee, Candidate, Terminated, Resigned or Transferred). You can set Start Date and Term (quit/transfer/resign) Date for the employee within the Term Information, along with a Term Reason.

At the bottom of this tab, you will see the Accounts and Access box. Within this box, there are three tabs.

Step 1 – Define Login Account: This is where you can create a Login Name and Access Level (access levels will be defined in the Security Levels tab, which is explained below). You can also set a Default Hour Type (hour types are defined in the Timecard Setup tab, which is explained below) and whether the employee is Restricted to Site, which means that the employee works entirely in only one of your stores (which can be selected from a drop-down list of all of your stores within the PayGo system). When the login name and access level type have been selected, click the Add Standard button. This will prompt a pop-up box asking if you would like to change the password for the login account. Click the Change button, and you will be able to enter an employee password. This tab is also where you can change login passwords by clicking the Change Login PW (password) or delete the employee’s login account by clicking the Delete Account button.

Step 2 – Define Menu Screen Access: If you would like to restrict the employee’s access to certain items on the Menu Screen, you can specify that within this tab. You will see a list of all functions on the Menu Screen with a box next to each item. Check or uncheck items to allow or deny access to the employee. You can select all by clicking the Set All button, or uncheck all items by clicking the Clear All button. Note: when no options are checked within this menu, all items and functions will be accessible for the employee.

Workstation Profiles: This tab is where you can link a workstation profile to the employee. Workstation profiles can be viewed within the Workstation Settings screen, accessible by clicking the Settings & Options button on your Menu Screen, and then clicking the Workstation button within the sub-menu. Within the Workstation Setup screen, click the Workstn (workstation) List button at the top of the screen. This will show you a list of all workstations within your system.

Security Levels Tab

This is where you can set up security levels for your employees. The Security Setup box is where you can define security level groups for all of your employees, and you are able to choose which security level group your current employee will be in. For a full explanation on setting up security and access levels for employees, see Changing Company Security and Access Settings.

Timecard Setup Tab

This is where you can set up what “jobs” the employee can perform on their timecard. For instance, you can add such jobs as “inventory,” “administrative work” or “sales” to the Available Hour Types box, and those jobs will appear as selections on the employee’s timecard. This way, you can track what jobs the employee is performing while they’re clocked in.

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