Adding an Event to PayGoCart

Events are great for business, and now you can schedule events and sell tickets for them easily with your PayGoCart online store! Your customers and employees will love the easy access to your classes and programs, and you’ll love how simple it is to keep all of your events organized and hassle-free.

Creating an Event

To add an event to your PayGoCart website, you must first create an event in your PayGo Calendar. When this happens, it is automatically created as an inventory item.

To learn how to create an event in your PayGo calendar, see Scheduling an Event with PayGo Calendar.

Adding an Event to a PayGoCart Website

To add your event to the PayGocart website, find the event’s inventory item. This can be achieved by looking through your PayGo Calendar, or searching for the event with the Find Inventory button on your Menu Screen.

When the event is selected, you will be taken to the Event Setup Screen. In the top right corner of this screen, click the Jump to Inventory button. This will take you to the event’s Inventory Screen.

From here, you will follow the steps you would normally take to add an item to your PayGoCart website. The event will be added under whatever department you have chosen to represent it on your website.

To learn how to add items to your PayGoCart website, see PayGoCart: Adding Items and Departments to a Website.

 Adding an Event to the Events Calendar Extension on a PayGoCart Website

PayGo recommends using the extension The Events Calendar for an event calendar on your PayGoCart site (if PayGo has set up your PayGoCart site and you have requested an event calendar, this is the one that has been used). At this time, an event is not automatically added to the calendar, but adding the event manually only takes a few quick steps.

To add an event to the calendar, first login to your PayGoCart site. On the dashboard, you will see the Events buttons located on both the menu on the right of your screen as well as across the top of the screen. Click either of these and click Add Event. This will take you to the Add New Event page.

On the Add New Event page, you are able to add all relevant information about the event you are selling. At the top, you can add the event’s name and a short description about the event. Underneath these fields, you will see places for you to add the event’s time and date, location, instructor, and any kind of additional information such as contact information or an outside URL.

Note: Since PayGoCart doesn’t connect to the events calendar at this time, you will have to manually link the event’s PayGoCart sale page to the event you’re creating on the calendar. To do this, you can select the event on your PayGoCart site by finding and then clicking the event’s name, and copying the event’s URL link. Then, you can add this link in either the event description within your new event listing on the calendar, or within the URL field below the event’s description. 

When all information is entered, click the Update button on the top right of the Add New Event page. This will publish your event to the calendar.


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