Applying Discounts to a Sale

Everyone loves a good discount, and PayGo makes it easy to add any type of discount right from your Sales Screen! There are lots of different ways to create and apply discounts, coupons and sales to your PayGo system.

Setting Up Discount Reasons

When a discount is added to a sale, it’s helpful to know why. Your PayGo system allows you to set up discount reasons, which can be applied to any sales invoice.

To set up reasons for a discount, click the Settings & Options button on your Menu Screen. This will open a sub-menu above the button, where you will click the Workstation button. This will take you to the Workstation Setup screen.

In your Workstation Setup screen, click the Invoice tab. This will show you a numbered list of invoice settings. On setting number 14, you will see an option for Discount Reasons. In this line, there is a field where you can enter names for various discount reasons (for example: Open Box Sale, Floor Model Sale, Good Will Discount and so on). Next to the field for naming discounts, there is a drop-down field where you can select the Default Discount Method. For this, you are able to choose between applying a Discount Amount, Percent off the original price or New Price for the sale item.

Note: You don’t always have to use the default discount method! If you choose to use a different method, you can easily select it when applying the discount.

When you’ve finished adding your discount reasons and default method, click the Done button on the top of the screen. Your changes will be saved automatically.

Applying a Discount to a Sale

To apply a new discount reason to a sale, you must be in the Sales Screen with the item to be discounted already added to the invoice.

Select the item to be discounted by checking the box at the end of the item line (to the right of the Trash icon). This will add two buttons above the item list, Tax and Disc (discount). Click the Disc button. This will open the Apply Discounts pop-up menu.

There are two boxes in the Apply Discounts screen.

Define Adjustments Box

This is where you can set up the number value for your discount, as well as the type and reason for giving the discount.

Adjustment Number or %: This is where you will add the amount you’d like to discount, in either a dollar amount or percentage. You’ll set which is which in the Discount Method field below.

Reason: This is where you can type in a reason for the discount.

Discount Method: This is where you will choose whether you’ll be applying the discount by Discount Amount in dollars, Percent off of the original price, or if you’d just like to set a New Price for the item. If you set a Default Discount Reason, it will be automatically chosen here.

Choose an Adjustment Box

This is where you can apply any preset sales and discounts you’ve already created to your sale. You can apply these discounts to your sale item by clicking the Arrow button to the right of each listed discount.

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