Add a New Vendor or Consignor to Your PayGo Point of Sale Software

Adding a new vendor or consignor to your PayGo Point of Sale Software is simple. Follow these 3 easy steps.

  1. Click on the New Vendor / Consignor button on PayGo’s Menu screen. PayGo POS Main Menu - New Vendor : Consignor


The Vendor/Consignor/Manufacturer Entry screen will open, defaulting to the Information tab.

PayGo POS Vendor Consignor Manufacturer Entry Screen Information Tab

2. Enter the information on your vendor that is important to you. While it is not necessary to complete every field, in today’s data is king/queen world, the more information you have the better off you’ll likely be. To better understand the fields and buttons available, check out our Managing Vendors in PayGo – An Overview article.

If you have multiple contacts for the vendor you are entering in information on, you can do so in the Contacts tab in the bottom third of the screen.

PayGo POS Vendor:Consignor:Manufacturer Entry Screen - Bottom Tabs - Contacts

3. Once you’ve entered in the information you want to have for your vendor, you can click on the Close button. Everything you’ve entered in will be saved.

Unless are entering information on a consignor, there’s nothing else you need to do. If you are entering information on a consignor you may want to visit the Linked Customer tab. You may also want to print the Consignor Agreement by clicking on the Consignor Agreement button located at the top of the screen.  If you have our PayGoConsign software, you may want to send credentials to your consignor by clicking on the Send Credentials button.

All other tabs in the Vendor/Consignor/Manufacturer Entry screen are for viewing the products/performance related to a vendor/consignor/manufacturer. When you want to view the products / performance related to a vendor/consignor/manufacturer you can click on the Find Vendor / Consignor button below the New Vendor / Consignor button on PayGo’s Menu screen.

Happy New Vendor / Consignor entry! It’s exciting to find new vendors with great products to offer to your customers.



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