Adding a New Vendor or Consignor

To add a new vendor and/or a new consignor, click on the New Vendor / Consignor button found on PayGo’s Menu Screen.

This will open the Vendor/Consignor/Manufacturer Entry screen.

Buttons at the top of the screen include:

Close: When you are ready to save the new Vendor/Consignor/Manufacturer entry, click on the close button. This will save all information entered.

Consignment Agreement: Press this button to print out the Consignment Agreement that you have entered into the Consignment Central Settings.

Send Credentials: This button is for PayGo Consign customers and requires installation. PayGo Consign is a Self-Service Product Portal that allows consignors to add the items they want to sell from their own computer or mobile device while at home.  This button is used to email sign-in credentials to your consignor.

Print Labels: This button is for printing labels generated by consignment products entered in. Labels for vendor/manufacturer/supplier products can be printed from within the inventory functions of PayGo.

Consignment List: This button will generate a list of the consignor’s items. When the button is clicked a pop-up gives the option of generating a list of All, Sold, or OnHand items.

UnPaid Sales: A list of UnPaid Sales for the Consignor will be created when this button is pressed.

Paid Sales: A list of Paid Sales for the Consignor will be created when this button is pressed.

Within the top section of the Vendor/Consignor/Manufacturer Entry screen there are the following tabs (sections): Information, Products, Sales, and Linked Customers.


In the Information section, you can add basic contact information and terms regarding the vendor, consignor, or manufacturer you want to add.

Begin with the Company Name and then press tab or click into the Address field. If you press tab from the address field your cursor will go to the Zip Code field. Once you enter in the zip code, whether you click or tab out of that field, the city, state, and country information will be populated into their respective fields. Tab or click into the Phone Number, Fax Number, and Email Address fields to enter in the contact information you wish to have for your vendor, consignor, or manufacturer.

Next to the Email Address field there is an email icon.  Send an email to the address entered into the field by clicking on the email icon. It will activate your default email program (Outlook, Mail, etc.) and enter the vendor/consignor/manufacturer’s email address into the To/Send To field of your default email program. PayGo does not track or store emails sent. 

If you enter your vendor’s website information into the Website field, clicking on the world icon next to the field will take you to the website address entered.

Account Number:If the vendor has assigned an account number for your store that could be entered here.

Payment Terms:Default payment terms can be entered here and will then appear on your purchase orders.

Record Type:There are four types of records to choose from in this field: Vendor, Supplier, Manufacturer, and Consignor. Selecting the type of record you are entering influences the field beneath Account Number and Payment Terms. If the type selected is Vendor, Supplier, or Manufacturer, the field will be called Min Order Amount. If Consignor is selected, the field will be called Commission Rate

Min Order Amount or Commission Rate:If you have a vendor/manufacturer/supplier that requires a minimum order amount when purchasing from them, enter that information here. If you are adding a consignor, their commission rate can be entered into this field.

Comments: Any information entered within this field is stored within the vendor record and does not appear on any purchase order or report.

In the Picture field, you can place a picture by using the Import Image button or by dropping and dragging a picture in the field.  The image in the field can also be exported by clicking the Export Image button.


In the Products section, you can view the products assigned  to the vendor/manufacturer/consignor/supplier. The information that can be viewed includes the #, Item Name, Type (Item, Discontinued, Inactive, Consignment, Event, Enhancement, Party, Rental, Service, Misc., GC – Internal), commission percentage, price, on-hand, and sold.


You can analyze the sales data for your vendor/consignor by date range in this section. Data in the list can include: item, invoice ID, quantity, extended, commission amount, date processed, and check number.

Linked Customer

Link a customer and consignor together by entering the information basics into this screen (Name, Address, Phone Number, etc.). By entering information into this tab, a consignor who also makes purchases at your store can have her or his records linked.

In the bottom third of the of the screen, there are the following tabs (sections): Contacts, Performance, and Adjustments.


Add in additional contacts related to the vendor or consignor in this area. Available fields in this section include: First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Extension. There is a Find button (the magnifying glass) and a Delete button (the trash can) on each line. Perform searches and delete contacts with ease using the buttons.


Quick analyze the performance of a vendor or consignor by date range. In this section you can view the Quantity Sold, Total Last Cost, Total Average Cost, Margin Last Cost, Margin Average Cost, and the Total Sales (dollar amount) for the Vendor/Consignor.


Adjustments are applied any time you process payments for a Consignor or a Resale Vendor. Available fields in this section include: Created, Item ID, Name, Amount, Notes for Vendor, Type (monthly, yearly, one-time), Last Applied (for the date the adjustment was last applied).

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