Getting Error When Printing on PayGo WebDirect

Occasionally, users will get this error when printiing on PayGo WebDirect.

“It appears your print job may not have printed. Your print spooler is probably not running.”

This can be caused be two different issues.

If you get the error, but your print jobs are printing, you simply need to adjust the parameter that controls the amount of time PayGo will wait for the spooler to process a print job.

To correct this, do the following.

– In PayGo, from the Menu Screen, click on Workstation Setup
– Click on the Settings tab
– Click on the Printing option
– Go to the param_print_spooler_status_wait Param
– Change it to a higher number than what it is set to now.
– Click the Close button

If you get the error, but your print jobs are not printing, then your PayGo Spooler is likely not running. Please see the following article for help with the spooler:

Print Spooler in PayGo WebDirect

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