It’s Your Store. We’re Here to Help You Do Your Thing (and make your cash register ring) 

PayGo is a ridiculously powerful retail software solution for brick and mortar stores that can turn your Mac or PC into a point of sale wonder-station. We began well over a decade ago by helping quilt shops. Back then it was hard for quilt shop owners to find a system that would allow them to sell and manage inventory of various measurements of fabric. Many had classes to schedule and collect payment on. We built a solution that let them do what they wanted to do. Then we started talking with owners of consignment shops, pet boutiques, wine shops, quick serve cafes, and more. We’ve made our solution flexible and we have developed customized solutions for the independent retailers who need them.

Built for brick and mortar independent retailers who need software that allows them to do what they do how they want to do it, PayGo is your little point of sale buddy. You can take it and put it on a laptop, an iMac, a Windows box… almost any computer. Keep it Local or in the Cloud. Connect a few POS hardware devices like a receipt printer, barcode printer, and cash drawer and voila, PayGo point of sale software can help you run your store and more. You can have lots of sites or one. You can have lots of seats or one. After all, it’s your store. Your point of sale system should help you do what you want to do.

We evolve. We can help you make sales to your customers online. PayGoCart can connect your store to X-Cart, an e-commerce, shopping cart solution. Yet, we’re old fashioned. Our focus has been and always will be brick and mortar stores. PayGo is not built for online-only retailers.

PayGo is both simple and feature-full. You’ll find yourself bragging to friends about how little you paid for so much point of sale power.

The Start
PayGo Point of Sale software is the brain-child of Christian James, Inc. (CJI). CJI is all about innovation and service! We started in a basement and have grown into a company that serves customers all over the world. We know what the journey is like. Our dedication to evolving our POS products and services is almost to the point of coffee-eyed insanity. We’re geeky. We enjoy working late on Friday and Saturday nights creating new features for our growing customer base. We’re very serious about what we do, but we have a lot of fun doing it. There are many choices for you out there. We hope you see that we’re a unique company that is both creative and service-oriented. We want to make a difference. If you do too, then join us! We promise to work as hard as we can for you.

Track CustomersThe Team
The PayGo team is a dedicated team of do-gooders. They smile a lot. They sometimes play jokes on each other and they will even get together once in awhile to scrapbook (at least that’s what they tell management.) They deal with PayGo all day long. You’ll never find a better team to help you with your retail business. Many of them have been awarded with PayGo Capes… because they have super PayGo powers.