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As many retailers know, there are new rules going into effect Oct 1, 2015.

We have been working very hard to provide a solution that is compatible with the new standard and with PayGo Solo.

Unfortunately, we have had to rely on other companies to fully implement EMV Chip Card-compatible equipment and this has slowed the process.

We are very close to being able to roll out our plans. So, please be patient.

We should have complete hardware and upgrade options available to you soon.

Please keep checking back here for up-to-date news.

We wanted to let you know that as of 10/15/2014, all support for PayGo SP Unlocked will expire.*

Why? As time goes by, technology advances and eventually it becomes harder and harder to support a product. Often, changes out of our control will affect our older products and make them obsolete.

To combat that, we continue to develop PayGo and now have a PayGo SP replacement that we call PayGo Solo.

It’s very similar to PayGo SP, but it’s running on the newest software and it has an updated look.

For the next seven days, we’re offering a 40% discount** for PayGo SP users who want to migrate to PayGo Solo. 

If you’re interested, contact us by going here. We’ll work you up a quote immediately.

Learn more about PayGo Solo here.

* We understand that updating may be difficult for some retailers in the timeframe specified. If you need additional time, please contact us and request a support extension. We will work with you.

** The 40% Discount is a Limited Time Offer. This special applies to the purchase of the PayGo Solo and any Tech Time Hours. It cannot be used on recurring charges or service plans. Purchases made prior to 9/2/14 and after 9/7/14 will NOT be eligible for this promotion. This promotion cannot be used with any other PayGo promotion. We have the right to refuse any customer for any reason. Incentive availability may change at any time. Project development hours are limited. All purchase are final. PayGo Solo Terms of Service will apply. 


We’d Like to Offer You a Very Valuable Service!

We call it the PayGo Backup Checkup! But this checkup isn’t like one of those unpleasant doctor checkups… but it will save your health. Really! It will! We just want to make sure you have coverage in the event your computer dies, or a comet hits your store late at night. Let us check out your PayGo host computer to make sure it’s Backing Up your most important data.

Have a PayGo Support Pro Make Sure You’re Ok.

Here’s the deal. You’re a busy person, and although you might have taken the time to setup a backup plan, you wouldn’t believe how many times we see people lose months if not years of data!!!

Why does this happen? Well, we have seen the following: Read the rest of this entry »

PayGo Solo allows you to easily post individual inventory items onto your Facebook Wall.

To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Login to your Facebook account via a web browser
  • Go to the account “Settings” area
  • Go to “Mobile” settings
  • Click on Add another mobile phone number
  • Facebook will have you re-enter your password and then you will want to select your phone provider details.
  • You will then be asked to text a code to a number they provide.  Facebook will then send a confirmation code to enter. There will also be other options that are available for you to choose
  • Once completed, you will be provided with a Post-by-email address that you can copy and place into PayGo’s settings.
  • In PayGo, from the Menu Screen, click on Workstation Setup, and then Preferences. Next, locate the param_facebook_accountname setting and paste the Post-by-email address into the settings field.
  • Click on Close.

You should now be able to use the Facebook button on the Inventory Screen to post individual inventory to your Facebook wall.

PayGo is a Beefy POS

PayGo is a cloud or on-premise retail point of sale and management solution for up-and-coming retailers. It tracks inventory, sales, orders, customers, gift cards, returns, loyalty programs and more. It works with POS hardware and it works on a Macintosh, iPad OR a PC.

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